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New Zealand Mosque Attack

The terror attack on a mosque by some white supremacist numbskull sickens me to the core. These people were doing nothing wrong. All they were doing was worshipping their god in their way. Why commit this heinous act?

Much of the heathen community is concerned about the terrorists use of “Valhalla” as a means of stating his intended destination upon his death. I totally agree that his, and much of the white supremacist organizations out there, use of our sacred symbols is disgusting. Heathenry has no room for bigots and racists. However, my biggest concern is how callous the human race has become. This type of stuff should not be common place, but it’s becoming so at an alarming rate. Why? What has made humanity so callous and so narcissistic? Because let’s face the facts about this terrorist, he did this while live streaming via a GoPro and that my dear readers is a sign of narcissism. With the increase of social media and streaming technology, this has become possible to live stream such wanton disregard for human life. Should we ban such technology? No, of course not, but everyone should be asking this most important question: why have we human beings become so callous? This is indeed an uncomfortable question to ask, but it needs to be asked and answered. If we are expected to have a conversation on race, a conversation on guns and so forth, why are we not having a conversation for the root of everything that ails our modern society: human callousness?

I hope to the gods that the victims of this horrible act are comforted and are given justice. I hope that New Zealand is merciless in their doling out of the law against this terrorist. And I hope, from all this tragedy, we human beings can become less callous and start loving each other regardless of our so-called differences. We are 7 billion people living on Mother Gaia, none of us are going anywhere. Therefore, we need to learn how to cooperate and get along with each other or we are doomed as a species.

More Wild Bill for America Insanity: Anti-science

Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away? – Ripley (Aliens, 1986)

Unfortunately, this is a question I ask myself everyday since after the Election.  The more I see how Trump supporters are outing themselves for the misled minions of a mutant Cheeto with a toupee, the more I wonder how far has the national IQ dropped.  People, Idiocracy wasn’t supposed to be  a documentary of what is to come, but rather a funny movie.  No longer is it funny.  It’s depressing because the very aspects of the culture of Idiocracy is becoming more prevalent these days than ever before.  Trumps election to the head seat of the United States just proves how close we are to an Idiocratic dystopia.

I leave you, my wonderful readers, with this example of anti-science rhetoric we will most likely have to deal with for four years.  Buckle up, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

My Votes Today Went To….

Jill Stein for President, some Libertarian for either Senate or House, and for local government I wrote in Aleister Crowley, Ragnar Lodbrock and myself.  I kept true to my plan of NOT voting for ANY of the Kleptocrat party or commonly known individually as the Democrat and Republican parties.


Jill Stein of the Green Party

Of course, there will plenty of people saying that I wasted my vote today.  No, I didn’t.  I voted based on my conscience rather than the rehashed nonsense of voting for the “lesser of two evils”.  If more people surpassed that mentality, we would have more Third Parties in seats of government today.  However, the Republicans and Democrats work in tandem to make sure that Third Party voices, such as Jill Stein, be drowned out.  In fact, both Obama and Romney in 2012 both had NOTHING to say when Jill Stein was arrested for demanding that she be able to debate the Kleptocrats.  She has that right as do ALL Third Parties have that right to debate the Kleptocrats on the issues at hand.  This is why real change will never occur until people in this country change their mindset from lesser of two evils to Third Parties can create that change.

So come 2020, we’ll see if more people wake up instead of slumber peacefully ignoring the Kleptocrats stranglehold on power in the United States.  The more ignorant people remain, the longer the hold on power is.  Unfortunately, my optimism 8 years ago has waned.  Now, pessimism reigns supreme as I watch people debase themselves with classless acts like booing a candidate they dislike on their way to vote to out and out violence or threats there of. Maybe, just maybe I’ll pleasantly surprised, but I’m not counting on it.

May the Gods keep our country peaceful during this heated time.



The Honorless Modern Age

Some will say that I’m wrong and perhaps I am somewhat wrong to state that honor is pretty damn near dead in this society.  Honor can still be found in our military, in our volunteer firefights, EMTs and to a lesser extent in our increasingly fascistic police.  However, in our general, overall society it’s pretty much dead.  When you read reports of people attacking others physically for material want, people opting a techno gadget over a human being, people risking life and limb going into a house for a TV or gaming system, people killing defenseless animals such as dogs and cats for no really good reason you have to come to grips with the reality of the situation: people have no honor anymore.  How can anyone say that we are honorable when people won’t do the right thing, besides calling 911, when a fellow human being is being attacked on the streets?  You can’t and it’s not an isolated incident either.  We’re becoming, due to our rapid advanced of technology, our increasingly dependence on such, expanding social media, we’re becoming an alienated and, for lack of a better word, sucky species.


Perhaps those taking the brunt of our garbage intense society is the real War on Women.  They are placed into a situation that creates in them certain ailments such as anorexia, bulimia and a host of other physical/emotional ailments due to weight.  Back in the elder ages (ancient times) women who were skinny weren’t desirable and for good reason.  It usually meant they were sick and malnourished.  The women with a bit of meat on their bones were the ones who were sought after because it meant a healthy woman.  These women were termed Rubenesque.  These days, Rubenesque women are considered overweight and undesirable and the more bone skinny women are placed on the pedestal of desirability.  And of course, where do these standards come from that women blindly follow despite calling themselves feminists?  Men.  Still, after all of these years trying to liberate themselves from the shackles of men they still slave along to the whims of men. We can’t decide if women look good with meat on their bones or just bones.  Thus, we have driven them practically insane with self revisionism on a  daily basis.  I understand the negative health impact on people in general who are morbidly obese, but when it comes to a woman who ha a few extra pounds we’ll shouldn’t belittle them into oblivion because they aren’t what some individual metrosexual males consider to be ideal.  And that’s the crux of the problem are these effeminate metrosexual who aren’t strong enough to deal with a woman who has a few extra pounds.  That’s to be expected of these simple weaklings.  Hell, if they can’t deal with a real relationship what makes you think they can deal with a real woman?  Enough said.

Senior Citizens, Our Elders

Once upon a time, our elderly folk were revered for their breadth of wisdom.  Today, we tell them to basically shut up and throw them into nursing homes because we simply can’t be bothered to take care of those who took care of us when we were puking, pooping toddlers.  No, we no longer ask them to bestow their years of experiences compounded into wise anecdotes anymore.  We ignore them and claim they are going senile. I ask you, what is the point of longevity when the wisdom that comes along with such long lives is simply written off and ignored?  Good Gods!  What wisdom we could use today with our faltering economy on how self-sustain ourselves and live simply during these perilous economic times!  We must be insane for not asking those who went through the Great Depression on how we can improve our lot in life during these times.  Our society took a nose dive into a festering piss pot when we decided it was a good idea to throw our elders into nursing homes that is rampant with abuse.  We lost our humanity when the wisdom keepers were ignored and treated like a lame horse.  We don’t deserve their wisdom and never will unless we change our ways.

Virtual Reality Trumps Reality

Video games are quickly becoming the escape hatch from reality.  Adults and kids alike glue themselves to a screen where a virtual world opens up before where you can shoot and kill hundreds of digital people without thinking about it.  And I can’t blame them.  The world is pretty damn boring in comparison to the adrenaline rush you get from playing these games.  I can attest to it as a game player, but these days I have hard time playing anymore due to my love for being outside.  I’d rather soak up some ultraviolet radiation tending to my garden than play a game that doesn’t give me the same sense of purpose.  That is my escape from reality for a few hours.  Unfortunately, too many find the escape in games and they end up lost in it.  And we wonder and gripe about the callous Black Friday morons who trample each other?  By way of video games we have dehumanized each other and that climbing over the mountains of humans before us we can get what we want.  Let it be known, though, I blame the individual adult and parents of these game addicted people and not the games or game developers themselves.

In Conclusion

There are still those who hold the flame of honor high, but they are quickly becoming extinct as our callous nature continues to grow with our being constantly wired to our technology.  We find it hard to detach ourselves from our shiny gadgets and look at the world as it is.  Just one day away from our social media outlets and we feel lost and alone despite our friends and family being a cellphone call away.  Despite the alone feeling, however, we treat each other like aliens from a different planet.  Someone does something nice for another person and it’s either met with a surprised over-reaction or a look of suspicion.  The world isn’t as it used to be, honorable, where kind actions were just everyday things that one appreciated, but wasn’t surprised to experience.  This is how bad this society has become and it’s not getting any better.  Instead, it’s getting worse with each new day.  Maybe, I can be proven wrong when I’m an old fart in a nursing home.

Today’s Male: Lacking in Honor

What is it withImage today’s male population?  From becoming metrosexual pansies who can’t commit to a relationship to the obtusely unromantic, self centered douche, males in the 21st Century are showing an increasing lack of honor and commitment, the polar opposite of what it takes to be a man these days.  While I don’t entirely believe the whole right-wing conspiracy theory that radical feminists are trying to mold men into feminized pansies, however it’s hard to ignore the current trend facing men these days.  Is it a radical feminist agenda?  Is it the communist attack on the bourgeois family unit?  Or is it simply the sign of an over indulgent culture nearing collapse?  I’m pretty sure the Roman Empire experience such a malaise prior to its absolute downfall.  When a culture, especially male culture, loses its sense of honor and duty it’s only a matter of time before it collapses.  Despite the much maligned idea of masculinity being stereotyped as the classical “wife beater”, which is a myth and is more along the lines of cowardice coupled with weak will-power which isn’t masculine at all, it has helped shape our world and history.  One of the virtues of masculinity is the courage to conquer obstacles.  Women possess it too much like the Celtic Warrior Queen Boudica who led an uprising against the Romans.  Another virtue is honor and if you strike a woman out of rage you have no honor, but if you stand up for a person being harassed in the streets by either a thug or police officer than you have honor.  Will power is another virtue that men, especially cheating men, lack these days.  If you can abstain from your base instincts that make you become a drunken slob or philandering douche-bag than you have a strong will power that is worthy of the being called masculine.

Of course, with all things, there are more virtues to expand upon, but those are the main ones.  Now as you saw at the beginning of this post there was a picture of the new “Bro App” which, “A new app makes it possible for a user to spend more time with his ‘bros’ by sending a ‘sweet’ automated message to their girlfriend.”  After reading about this all I can do is shake my head in dismay that this is what our unaffectionate society is heading towards.  It only takes…what….a few seconds of typing to say something to your girlfriend the same few seconds it takes you to open the app up, wait for it to load, select the message you want and press send?!  The absolute selfishness and cold take on romance these days is disgusting and dishonorable.  Without the heart, what is the purpose of the human experience?  Without love how can we conquer evil in the world?  If we become cold automatons slaves to our base instincts what is the purpose of calling ourselves humans anymore?

So the question is, are you man enough to control yourself from using technology to express concern for your significant other?  Are you man enough to abstain from cheating on your significant other when the going gets tough? Are you man enough to control your appetite for alcoholic indulgence that leaves you slobbering, drunken mess?

Well…..are you?

Conservative Pagans

This is kind of an addendum to Voice of the Voiceless.

Recently, I’ve attempted to reach out to two Conservative personalities that I respect despite their anti-pagan stance they seemingly have.  They are Ann Barnhardt, known mostly for her bacon as bookmarks in the Koran and Glenn Beck.  It was part of my attempt to bridge this ridiculous gap between conservative Pagans and conservative Christians.  We need to bridge this gap in order to take back our country from the grips of the vulture Left.  So that should answer the question as to why I would bother.  Our country and its values weigh more than our personal beliefs.  It is precisely because of our country and our values that allow Christians and Pagans to coexist next to each other without us acting like the Islamic zealots in the MidEast who lob off the heads of Christians.  So, if we are to preserve our country and our Constitution then it’s going to take all of us regardless of faith who love freedom and our country.

With that I’m left to say that if Ann Barnhardt and Glenn Beck can’t take my proposition seriously then it’s their problem not mine.  I’ve tried and now I have to trudge to do my part as much as possible.  One of those things is my working on the Right Hit website that will be geared towards conservative minded regular everyday folk who want to voice their opinions through writing, audio and/or video.  We need more websites like this that doesn’t simply just allow already situated talking heads, but also the common folk.  We are the true power no matter what the elitists on both sides say.





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