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Shaun King on CNN

Shaun King is one of the vocal leaders in the #BlackLivesMatter movement and has been recently targeted by Conservative media for allegedly being white and not black.  Very understandable considering the fact he does look white and not much is given about his background.  Personally, I could care less about his supposed race, because race isn’t some tangible thing since people of varying melanin content, which is what race is based off anyways, can reproduce without any problems whatsoever.  So race is just a non-existent idea that we give so much credence to as if it were some sacred thing.  It shouldn’t be encouraged, but people like Shaun King, Al Sharpton and others encourage the worship of race.

Back to Shaun King, lets say that if he were actually a white person posing as a black person, he would be basically usurping the struggle which blacks have had to hurdle over in order to be seen as human beings.  Shaun King also received a scholarship from Oprah Winfrey due to his racial identity as “black”, so if he is white then this is a problem as well considering that scholarship would’ve gone to an actual black student to use for their advancement in life.  Yes, he’s done some nice things, but how does lying and lacking honor alleviate that since a black student could’ve used that scholarship?  If I were black I know I’d be plenty pissed off that some white person is using a struggle and an identity to benefit himself.

With that all said, Shaun King can do something that will put all of this to rest once and for all: genetic testing. Genetic testing will provide the necessary haplogroup which will 100% show whether or not he is lying and instead of bashing the conservative media he should be getting genetically tested and posting those results online for everyone to see.  Wouldn’t it be nice to let those who were suspicious of you and wrote articles condemning you for your alleged full blooded Caucasian ancestry?  I know I would if I were in Shaun Kings shoes.

So, how about a genetic test, Shaun King?  Prove to us who you claim to be, after all the onus is on the one who makes such claims.

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