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Opinions of Others

noun: opinion; plural noun: opinions
  1. a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

People these days are to knee jerk reactionary to understand anymore.  Lets take the case of Matt Walsh who posted on his blog about suicide being a choice in the wake of Robin Williams death (Gods be with him).  A good deal of people have responded with absolute vitriol towards the man for his opinion, which usually means it’s an idea based around ones personal feelings on the matter and not facts.  However, despite being cognizant of this people still posted vile things such as he should kill himself.  Seriously, that really does nothing but create more negativity than is really needed.  Whatever happened to constructive criticism where you counter someones point with facts rather than a slew of “fuck you’s” and “hope you die”.  Wouldn’t it be prudent to the person countering another persons opinion with facts rather than vile insults?  I mean, I get how heated one can get when reading a post from an opposing view.  I can’t count the number of times when I’ve read Christian blogs calling us pagans Satan worshippers, but never have I felt the need to viciously attack them on their views.  I try my best to counter their argument and when that doesn’t work I let it go.  No point in beating a dead, rotting horse.

Matt did post a follow up to his post, but still some people won’t take it for what it’s worth.  I can’t say that I agree entirely with his views, but he has that right to express his views.  It’s like with any blog posting that is usually biased upon that bloggers own views I take it with a grain of salt, ponder it and if I don’t agree with it oh well.  No harm, no foul, but some people can’t deal with opposing views and that to me is sad, because, like I touched on earlier about constructive criticism, it seems to be that arguing against an opinion with facts seems to be dwindling in our culture.  Any kind of thinking outside our comfort zone seems to be dwindling and that’s where we, as a society, begin to decline because we want everything to be on the level.  We don’t want differing views because it makes us think outside the boundaries that we are used to and I believe that’s why Matt has received the backlash he is currently witnessing.  Once we become narrow-minded, unthinking citizens, we cease to be human at all.  Once we can only yell at the top of our proverbial lungs at someone without any rebuttal to an opinion we become slaves to knee-jerk emotions rather than higher, rational thinking.

Like I’ve stated, I understand peoples emotions on certain issues and I’m with them right there, but I also understand the importance of maintaining a balance between being offended and making a logical point on an issue. We can’t simply reply to something we consider vile with more vile negativity.  It just doesn’t work out that way.  We need civility in the face of horrible ideas and opinions no matter how much we want to rage.

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