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Why Race Needs to Be Obliterated From Human Minds

As we progress further into the 21st Century, racial tensions have increased by the simplistic manipulation by the New Royalty aka the politicians of both the Left and the Right and the Race Baiting minions of said politicians. Race is the disease that infests the human mind like a virus running rampant destroying life giving cells on the body.  Instead of destroying the body of the host, it destroys the mind of the person and creates the illusion that we humans are different in any way.  Except we aren’t different, we are all of the same species.  The only thing different is the amount of melanin contained within the flesh of human beings.  This is simply superficial, but because we are a superficial species race tends to be held  sacrosanct, an idol of worship that a lot of people get on their knees and blindly follow.  Race, in other words, is nothing but an illusion created by the powers that be to control the population via forced culture (aka stereotypes) and absolute division.  With unity of the human species comes true solutions and power unlike anything we have ever seen.

If humanity were to cast aside their pride and realize the destructive nature of recognizing race, we would be able to solve the problems that afflict this planet because no borders would separate us anymore.  We would be united for the common cause of bettering our species.  We could finally prove to the universe that we are a species able to overcome our petty, superficial differences.  People like David Duke, Saida Grundy, and other race baiting, fear mongering zealots would not be able to profit anymore on keeping humanity divided.  We would be too educated afterwards to allow these hateful zealots room in our hearts and minds.  We would finally be set free from the shackles that recognizing race puts us in.  Our full potential would be used once and for all for everyone and not a select few.

Humanity must once and for all be united as one race, the Human Race!  That is who we are regardless of the traits of high melanin content or not given to us by evolution of our species in certain environments.  We are Human Beings, not black, white, red, brown, yellow or whatever else.  Those superficial labels destroy our species, keeps us divided, and harms people along the way.  Racial recognition is an evil that needs to be stamped out like an ember that threatens a forest on a dry, summer day.  Today, from here on out, make a commitment to yourself and others that you will no longer see them as one of those superficial labels, but as a fellow traveler on our planet Earth, as a Human Being!  Boldly proclaim that we are all Brothers and Sisters of Earth and of one race, the Human Race!  This is the revolution we truly need right now!

Why the Left and Right Need to Be Defeated

The current state of affairs between all races in this country are atrocious.  The Left have people believing that white people, their supposed privilege and ignorance are to blame the lack of opportunities for blacks while the Right screams, in varying volumes, white genocide.  Both are horrificly wrong.  If both sides would step down from their lofty towers down to the level of us common folk, they’d realize how wrong they are, but then this would mean they have been lying and reduces the likelihood of getting what they truly want: votes.  Creating a division between people establishes a power structure for both Left and Right to maintain via fear.  That power structure also allows politicians to keep their careers going while promising change that never comes to fruition.  The scapegoats tend to be the party opposite of the one scapegoating.  A stalemate is required to keep power while keeping busy with racial strife so that we the people don’t rebel against an inept system if government.  The real war isn’t between blacks and whites, but between the politicians and the people.  The Left and Right are both villains keeping people divided along racial grounds.  This doesn’t progress our society, it only hinders it.  Americans of all races need to unite against the behemoth of Left and Right oligarchy that wants a totalitarian system more than freedom and well being for all.

The Extinction of Common Sense

Common Sense these days seems to be an extinct beast that once lumbered through the forests of rational thought millions of years ago.  When you look at situations such as the Ebola outbreak and how it would be an excellent idea to ban flights coming from Ebola stricken areas, not sending our military to “combat” Ebola, and fixing our porous borders to the whole Raven Symone bruhaha that the race baiters and hustlers have made a big deal about.  Common sense no longer finds its seat amongst the minds of Americans anymore.  Instead, political correctness and people becoming too sensitive to everything and anything that might remotely be offensive (while offending others in the process) has taken the drivers seat of human consciousness.  We feel first before, if ever, thinking about it within the framework of rational thought.  What exactly has happened to our society that we have come to this point in our history?

Political Ideology
One of the reasons common sense is on the decline is that political ideology, both Left and Right, have contributed to the anti-intellectualism that seems to be infesting our nation.  Political elitists don’t appreciate people who think outside of the paradigm of political ideology because that means a challenge to their demi-god status of faux know it alls.  You simply can’t have that when you wish to be the omnipotent shepherd of We the Sheeple.  It’s simple, when people are given free range to think for themselves outside of political ideologies, more solutions to problems are created.  However, when a variable is suppressed because the oligarchs want to seem like they are doing something useful with their position of power, garnering votes in the process, you have a limited supply of solutions because the people are thoroughly divided and simply can not unite together on common ground in order to find solutions together via brain storming.  Political zealotry tends to, in the end, strangle common sense in its sleep.

Racial Ideology
This is the belief that race is remotely important within the Human Species.  We regard it as some sacred holy cow on a golden pedestal despite the constant clamoring for people to not judge by color.  In the hyper-hypocritical world we live in, we judge by color in different ways than back in the early to mid 20th Century.  Instead, we judge whites as privileged ingrates who are inherently racist no matter what they say and blacks are afforded the victim card no matter who was at fault or for what reason they supposedly were discriminated against.  We make no attempts to back up the fact that race is illusionary and should be derided as such whenever someone brings it up.  When you have people like Raven Symone and Morgan Freeman who are willing to ditch divisive racial labels being attacked vociferously because of their logical viewpoints, you have seriously step back and question what is the true motives of those attacking those who cast aside the shackles of racial labels.  If these folks who trash clear minded people like Ms Symone and Mr Freeman actually, truly thought about racial labels they would realize that racial labels help establish stereotypes.  Think about it when a black person chides another black person who speaks proper English as “acting white” you then realize that racial labels DO in fact create stereotypes.  Speaking properly and acting responsibly isn’t acting any race it’s being a respectable human being and nothing more.  It is simply common sense to ditch racial labels all together.  They do nothing but harm the human race while furthering the divide between us all.

I probably could write a book concerning the extinction of common sense in our society, but I think two glaring examples will suffice and drive home the point that common sense is an endangered species in this society of ours.  Hopefully, this will inspire others to touch upon other areas that I have missed and help spread awareness that common sense is on the decline no matter how small it may seem, each perspective helps.  So lets hashtag this #CommonSenseIsDying and make people aware of the fact.

Bravo, Raven Symone!

It truly is a shame when you read the comments concerning Raven Symones rejection of labels on Oprah.  That takes absolute strength of will that is rarely seen in this day and age.  So what, she says she’s an American first, how in the Nine Worlds is that an atrocity?  Personally, I believe more people in this melting pot of a country should do the same!  What do racial labels truly do for us human beings? Nothing.  It allows for a foundation onto which a stereotype can be placed firmly that leads to nothing more than division of the human species and strife.  Race hustlers like Oprah Winfrey shudder with contempt at folks who shed racial labels because that means they have less sway over people who don’t delude themselves on the issue of racial identity.

True power lies in how the elitists keep everyone divided and conquered so each group of human beings can be easily managed.  Once the walls are down, though, it’s game on for the elitists.  We the People will then truly be a power to reckon with.  Once the labels are gone and we see each other as brother and sister on this planet, then we the Human species will be unstoppable.  The race hustlers enjoys their utopia of division along melanin lines and that’s how they wish to keep it.  Subjugation doesn’t always have visible shackle, but rather invisible that have chains that run deeper to the soul of humanity.  Racial identity is one of those shackles.

So when will others have the guts to do the same that Raven Symone did?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?  Or will you cower beneath your label like a blanket covering you head to toe as if it were magickal?  I’m betting for most people it’ll be latter rather than the former.  Simply because that would take an immense amount of intestinal fortitude to pull away the veil and live in the real world that racial labeling isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  it’s evil, it’s destructive and worst of all it divides the human family.

Materialism and the Looting in Ferguson

One looter who came out of a QuickTrip told The Washington Post that he was proud of what he was doing.

“I’m proud of us. We deserve this, and this is what’s supposed to happen when there’s injustice in your community,” DeAndre Smith told The Post.

Here we have the classic example of today’s humanity, where destroying another persons business based on the mindset that one “deserves” something and that something material somehow in some way satisfies that persons anger and pain.  It’s as if that everything today, everything materialistic from the new gadgets that blink to the technicolor wonder of 3D screens tries satisfy that hole that resides in our very souls.  People binge shop or eat when the daily stresses of life overwhelm them.  What did our ancestors do?  They prayed to the Gods, they stepped out into Natures embrace, and the most radical of all, spent with family when life became a pain.  We have become arrogant, materialism creatures who post our daily lives on Facebook, as if people gave a damn.  It’s that sense that we are living like celebrities with our entire lives being spewed into the faces of our “friends”.  Why?  Why do we feel the need to keep buying stuff we truly don’t need enlarging our personal debt not only in financial ways, but also spiritual ways.  We’ve lost the connection between Nature and ourselves and with that we have also lost our connection with each other.  With the almost magical wonders technology has bestowed upon us we have attuned ourselves with the cold and callous aspect of the binary code of our gadgets.  We look at analog, natural things, with contempt because it isn’t perfect.  We see this with the rise of the practice of injecting botulin toxins into our flesh to smooth away wrinkles for a temporary period of time or enlarge breasts with silicon bags. We are no longer human, but rather husks that shame our ancestors daily with our actions.  We want more and we want it now!  That’s the message of Ferguson these days.  It isn’t about how we should respect each other as human beings or the plight of suburbia becoming crushed under foot by the marauding beast of poverty induced by an inept President who has an agenda that isn’t about making America better for all people.  No, the message being thrown in our faces is, “Materialism makes us feel better when we’re downtrodden.” and “We want it now!”  And in the greed and selfishness of the overly materialistic Ferguson looters is the drowning out of the more important aspect of all this: the death of a human being by the gun of another human being that objectified him rather than regard him as a human being.  You see, when we label ourselves black, white, brown, red, yellow…etc….we become objects, not humans.  Once you’re labeled you’re easily categorized aka stereotyped and with that stereotype comes the objectification of a human being.  Once you see a human being as nothing more than an object and NOT as a fellow human being, a person with a huge ego backed up with powerful weaponry and a sense of authority will treat them callously like an object that can be tossed into the garbage bin.

The looters say enough is enough with police brutality?  Well, I say enough is enough with the race labeling and the materialistic attitudes of our society.  Once we denounce race for what it is, a barrier between us and true unity of humanity, we will see an explosive growth in innovation, peace and prosperity on this gorgeous planet of ours.  Once we start respecting each other, we’ll finally get back to respecting Mother Earth for the life she has given us.  Utopian, perhaps, but not unreachable.  It’ll just take human beings being respectful of each other and letting go of the pride and ego that has held us back.  So, what’s your excuse for not being the change you wish to see?  It begins with you.

I end this with a quote from Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, because it makes sense even though it was said by a fictional character.  The truth behind this statement rings louder than anything I’ve heard.  We have become greedy monsters that are willing to destroying our whole world for stuff that can not possibly go with us when we pass on from this life.  Look at Robin Williams, a man who had an amazing career with tons of money, but yet he suffered depression.  He has proven that money and materialism is not the source of happiness.  A cold and callous object like money does not identify with the human soul.  It simply can not.  They are absolutely incompatible.

The humans… the humans have forgotten the gods, destroyed the earth, and for what? Parking lots? Shopping malls? Greed had burned a hole in their hearts that will never be filled! They will never have enough! – Prince Nuada from Hellboy 2

Looting and Destruction of Property

As some of us spent the weekend with our families either at reunions, the beach or just stayed home barbequing on the grill Missouri saw others spending time unwisely looting and destroying property shamelesslyBuus502CcAIrCCh doing so under the guise of “rage” for the killing of yet another unarmed black youth.  It’s heinous enough that there is this epidemic of police brutality occurring in all neighborhoods, towards all races and across the board on all of those within every inch of the socio-economic status.  With the militarization of our police and lack of regard for the Constitution by said police it’s not surprising that these events are increasing.  However, the problem that is being seen is not a uniting between blacks and whites against the encroaching police state, but rather the continued widening of the rift between all races in this country.  This shouldn’t be, but this is exactly how the elitists in power want it to be.  Without unity there’s no hope of staving off the police state that we are seeing being built in this country.  Keep the people gnawing at each others throats and the State becomes powerful to the point that it is almost omnipotent and immortal.

Scen140810_ferguson_riots_lges like those found here in this post need to stop.  The destruction of property unrelated to those oppressing the People of the United States is counter-productive and only hardens the image the urban thug black in the minds of the people.  It does nothing to bring to light the issue that caused this in the first place.  Instead, what happens is that the killing of the uarmed black youth is buried underneath the selfish acts of the few looting and destroying property takes front and center news time.  It doesn’t prevent the killing s of unarmed people in the future since the issue hardly had a chance under the light because of the selfish few who decided violence and stealing from those who help maintain their community with business and products and who had absolutely zero to do with the killing of the unarmed black youth.  In reality, these folks are only hurting themselves in the long run.  Businesses will not want to open up shop in areas prone to ridiculous and stupid violence such as this!  This not a revolutionary stance, it is the manifestation of selfish idiots taking advantage of a tragedy.  Nothing more.

So to those cheering this on as the uprising of the oppressed, get a life.  This isn’t a revolution.  These are criminal acts the solidify the stereotypical black urban thug.  If you cheer this on then YOU are the racist.  This is sickening and dehumanizing and does nothing to better the state of the innocents who now will suffer rapid loss of businesses in this town.  And certainly this does nothing to address the issue of police brutality and the rise of the police state in this country.  By supporting these actions you are indirectly supporting racial division and the rise of the fascist police state.  So, stop it, address the issue and lets heal the rift between human beings.  If we don’t, we’re doomed.  Period.

Toure the Racist

Toure is absolutely one of the most racist folks on TV these days, but he receives a reprieve due to his skin color, which isn’t white, and still complains about the faux idea of ‘white privilege’.  If white privilege truly existed this man wouldn’t spew the divisive, venomous racist remarks he does.  Rubbing white peoples faces into what he perceives as ‘white privilege’ isn’t starting off a serious race discussion, but being racist, envious prick.  A calm dialog about race was actually brought by the most notorious racist organization the American Nazi Party and African-American Community Acitivists.  How is that possible?  Perhaps it’s due to the fact of these two opposing groups not coming out at each other with bared teeth.  I can’t stand the Nazi Party and believe the world would be better without them in it, but at least they are willing to have civil discussions over race issues.

I would say that Toure enjoys a hearty amount of privilege of his own since he will not be thrown off TV and will continue his mantra of hate and racial division.  To heal the racial divide is not to be a condescending jackass towards the other races, but rather extend an olive branch of forgiveness, hold hands together as we all walk the path to healing the division.

Santa Claus Was White

Despite what the revision lists wish to believe, the truth of the matter is that Santa Claus was white. You can look it up, the origins of Santa Claus. 

Stories like this about a teacher being disciplined after telling the truth and not giving into politically correct madness just goes to show the insanity of those who wish to revise everything to make others feel comfortable even though they know its a lie.

If truth is something that’s offensive than this society has become pansified with no return possible.

Oprah Winfrey

 “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

I’m not a big fan of racists of any color.  I find them reprehensible and disgusting, but they have that freedom to be disgusting creatures.  And also, I’m not one to believe that racism will simply die off when those who were “marinated” in it pass away.  It’s not that simple.  David Duke and Louis Farakhan are idols to many racist Americans, black and white.  I do hope that Oprah wasn’t just simply speaking of white racists, but also of racists within her race.  I’m sure she wasn’t though.  She’s mostly likely one of these jackasses that believe ONLY white folks can be racist.

The sickening play on the race card is prevalent on both sides of the wretched political aisle and it should be condemned by anyone who gives a damn about the human race.  We should be condemning those who bring up race considering we’re told constantly that race isn’t important but somehow in someway the Liberals can make sure it’s brought up everywhere when there’s an attack on their platform whether it’s welfare (it’s racist to assume ONLY blacks are on welfare, I’ve known whites on welfare as well) to immigration to healthcare (whites too can’t afford healthcare, proper healthcare so how is it primarily a black thing). I condemn Oprah for her blatant race baiting.  I guess since she’s a retired (washed up) Talk Show Host she needs to keep her face plastered across our screens for whatever reason.

Racism will end when we make race an unimportant aspect of life much akin to how hair color is treated by folks.  Racism will end when we teach kids that our difference in skin color is due to evolution in different parts of the world. Racism will end when people stop being stupid about it, stop mentioning it like a badge of honor.  Race doesn’t exist except in the minds of the ignorant.

Racial Hypocrisy in America

In America, we have a race problem that is exasperated by mostly the Progressive elite in the halls of government.  The Progressives allow Black nationalism and other minority racial nationalism to proliferate our society, but a white nationalist is condemned for the same exact words the Black Nationalist utter.  Now, I’m not a big fan of ANY racial nationalism, but I’m also very impartial to hypocrisy.  I believe, in the name of fairness, that if you are to condemn white nationalism that you have to condemn black nationalism, Hispanic nationalism, and whatever other crazy racial nationalism is out there.  How can you try and suppress one racial nationalism while applauding the other?  Empowerment?  This is not empowerment especially when it trains the persons mind to be an intolerant fool.  You empower via ignorance and hatred.  You can ONLY empower a person via love and understanding.  The Progressives are the main culprit in allowing this plague of minority based racial nationalism to spread culminating in racist attacks against whites and against other minority races.  They tend to the entitlement and victim mentality they have successfully instilled in the minds of minorities that they deserve to vent their frustration in the form of violence.  However, they won’t admit it outright it’s their silence on the matter of black on white hate crimes that betray their thoughts on the matter.

While we’re on the issue of empowerment.  I believe empowering people is a good thing and the black community definitely needs it.  Why should they settle for getting into a profession that is a stereotype such as basketball player, rapper and whatever else?  Why can’t they be engineers, lawyers, doctors, scientists and astronauts?  However, no one, not even the President, has done a great job empowering the black community to be MORE than a damn stereotype!  The fact is they have ability to be more than an entertainer and a sports star.  They CAN be scientists, doctors and anything that they truly love.  So where’s the vociferous empowering by our political leaders who supposedly care about the black community?  The problem is the Progressives DON’T care about the person, but about the vote they will squeeze out of that person.  The Progressives can tell a lie like, “You’re oppressed and we will help you rise up out of the depths of poverty!”, the black community will accept it and nothing will happen.  And when it doesn’t happen the Progressives will blame the Conservatives and promise that if they are re-elected they’ll fight harder.  A vicious circle is spun like a web to capture the downtrodden into false hope.  Blacks need true empowerment that is free of Progressive selfishness and racialist garbage that the New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam try to perpetuate.  Conservatives freed blacks back in the 1860’s, desegregated schools in the 1950’s and now the Conservatives need to empower the black community with true hope.

I’ve already mentioned a few times something about stereotypes.  Racial stereotypes are presented for ALL races everyday. Sports teams such as the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins offer racial stereotypes as their logo, but I see more people complaining about the Washington Redskins than about the Minnesota Vikings.  Why is that?  Why aren’t both considered foul?  Why do people pick and choose what is an offensive stereotype?  I’m of both Scandinavian and American Indian descent and neither bother me the slightest.  Perhaps, it’s because my skin is so thin as to allow silly logos get the best of my emotions.  Any stereotyping of blacks in shows and movies are shunned while the stereotyping of whites is accepted and even applauded.  Same goes for jokes where jokes about white people are funny while jokes about blacks are considered racist and insensitive.  This all amounts to nothing more than hypocrisy.  We either tolerate both or none, not have this idea that one is okay while the other is evil.  It simply isn’t, as the Progressives pound into our skulls daily about, fair.

Perhaps the most nefarious of all racial hypocrisies are the crime based ones.  When Trayvon Martin was murdered by wannabe cop George Zimmerman we were assaulted daily by this crime.  At first George was stated as a “white man” but despite the correction that he’s half Hispanic the worm of him being white was already wiggling into the ears of black America.  When George Zimmerman was acquitted news about black on white attacks in retribution for Trayvon Martin was under-reported.  Also what was under-reported by the mainstream media was the murder of a Autumn Pasquale in NJ by two black kids.  Of course, every excuse in the book was given as to why these two black youths would kill this girl from their upbringing to having special needs.  What’s different is that the trial for Autumn Pasquales murderers was brief with one of the kids getting 17 years in prison with 14 years for good behavior.  Where are the retribution attacks on blacks by whites for a verdict that should have been life?  There were none and there will be none.  Instead, the only retribution was a park being renamed after Autumn.

The acknowledgment of racism from minorities towards white is met by the most ridiculous belief, that Progressives hold as a counter argument, that because minorities aren’t part of the power structure it’s impossible for minorities to be racist. However, when it comes to minorities they have MORE power these days than whites.  A minority can yell epithets at a white person and no sympathy for the victim(s) are given, but a white person utters a racial epithet to any minority and calls for blood are howled to the moon.  Lets not forget Affirmative Action, where quotas for company hiring based on race not skills, and threats of race based lawsuits for small “infractions” by whites such as giving orders to a minority employee and them not following said order only to be fired afterwards which then results in a lawsuit based on anecdotal evidence that the firing was based on race.  To say minorities don’t have power these days is false and the Progressives only use this excuse that minorities have no power as a way to veil their hypocrisy concerning racism.

Race is such a big divider in this country when it shouldn’t be, but Progressives allow it to happen while preaching about equality and tolerance.  I can’t fault the minority for believing it’s okay to be a racist thug when they have their masters nudging them along saying it’s a good thing.  The Progressives don’t care about minorities and their lives, but rather keeping them enslaved so as to vote for the Progressives each year.  Minorities have more to offer this country than simply votes.  They can contribute to our culture, to science and to our society greatly.  What holds them down are the Progressives and it will be the minorities who will need to cast the chains of Progressive oppression off their shoulders.

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