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Kaci Hickox, who told CNN the quarantine was violating her rights, is being discharged, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie‘s office said Monday. – CNN

Seriously, the idea that being quarantine is violating her rights without any concerns of the right, for others who may come in contact with her if she did have ebola, to living ebola free just shows the level of selfishness on this womans part.  It takes a special kind of “person” to elevate the rights of the self above the rights and safety of others.  Grant it, I think the ebola hysteria is blown way over board by the rantings-hungry media, but a virus can mutate and become airborne at any given time. All it needs is a special protein shell and it’s longevity is increased.  I don’t believe, then, that it’s irrational to quarantine health workers returning from ebola stricken countries.  Its common sense.  Please, I beg you, if I had to go an ebola stricken country and come back to the States, please quarantine me because the horror of passing on such a horrible virus would eat at my soul daily if I happened to survive.

However, what’s worse is the Obama Administration pushing to have quarantine by states to be reversed.  Why would a leader be so reckless with his country?  Why jeopardize millions of Americans?  Clearly, he either has no care for the American people whatsoever or is trying to appease people via political correctness.  There’s no other sane and rational explanation for this type of action.  We can’t simply endanger even one person just because others might be offended or simply because of political posturing during an Election cycle.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of all of this it’s really simply a conglomeration of media frenzy, politicians from both sides being vote hungry jackasses and a gullible public.  Yes, ebola isn’t as bad as the public figures it to be, but that doesn’t mean vigilance and proper infectious disease safety protocols should be sacrificed.  That is simply insane and irresponsible.  For the Obama Administration to be pushing for a reversal in quarantine procedures by states for ANY reason is treasonous because it lacks any concern for the health and safety of the American people.

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