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Man Hangs ISIS Flag Outside Home

With all the hate and genocide associated with this group, why else would you hang it outside your home? Well, a man in NJ has hung this disgusting flag outside his home supposedly for what it says and not for support of ISIS.  I understand it has supposedly been hung on Ramadan for 10 years, but common sense says that it has been tarnished by the genocidal actions of an extremist group.  Just take the swastika as an example of a positive symbol tarnished by an extremist group.  The swastika originally was a symbol of good luck and can be seen in Buddhist spiritual artwork.  However, because of the bloody genocide committed under the symbol no one, other than hate mongering malcontents, wave the flag anymore nor have the swastika anywhere.  So why should it be different for the ISIS flag? It has become a symbol of hate and genocide and should be treated as such.  Hang it in your home if you feel its important to you but not outside the house. People won’t see it your way because of how blood covered the flag is now. It stinks that those who hang it for innocent purposes are now condemned, but you need to employ common sense these days when hanging flags outside your home.  

I do hope the ignorant folks who posted this mans address get charged with something.  By posting this mans address you put him in danger by hateful morons who won’t understand this mans intentions no matter how despised this flag is.  Once again it’s common sense that seems to be dwindling in our society. 

I hope that cooler heads prevail and nothing more happens with this.  We have enough hate and violence in this country at the moment, we don’t need more.  We need more understanding and more unity between the people of America.

Letter Threatening GOP Sent to Local NJ Newspaper

West Deptford police investigating letter threatening GOP members blared across the front of the South Jersey Times on Wednesday highlighting an under-reported trend surfacing these days, threats against Republicans.  As the stereotype tends to go Republicans are the violence prone sycophant always at the ready to attack Democrats.  Seems like that’s the reality of the situation these days as more and more Democrats begin to express dismay at the anti-government attitudes of Republicans, well some Republicans.  Of course, such sentiments by Republicans is often seen as being racially motivated when in fact it’s a concern about a big intrusive government that spies on its citizens (remember when Democrats were against that during the Bush years?) with a leader that has no problem using Executive Orders like Kleenexes and the usurping of the Constitution. 

I think this needs to be brought forward into the limelight so people can see the damage that partisanship is causing this country.  It’s bringing forth a bunch of loons that have no problem espousing violent rhetoric in order to obtain political prominence.  I believe we saw this kind of mentality amongst the Nazis during their rise to power. This is what you get when you have a population manipulated by the Mainstream Media into believing the anti-Conservative propaganda they spew.  It’s time for Americans to unite regardless of their political ideology in the name of Freedom and Liberty and not this partisan nonsense.

I’ll end this post with this famous line, ““A house divided against itself cannot stand.”– Abraham Lincoln June 16, 1858

Relevancy in Reporting

Yesterday an article detailing the weight of a man who had to be rescued from being stuck in mud was posted on and SJ Times Newspaper Facebook page.  Well, the reaction from readers wasn’t all too great.  You had some who could care less, but the amount of people who had their nerves struck by this article were in the majority.

Following are some comments on the website:





Here are some on the Facebook Page concerning the article:




And this is what SJ Times had in reply to the grievances of their readers:


The audacity to defend posting the mans exact weight is just inane.  First off, putting that poor mans EXACT weight out there has ZERO relevancy especially simply putting over-sized or big would’ve sufficed.  Second, anyone of any weight class can easily be mired in mud. As for the amount of rescuers as defense for posting an exact weight still doesn’t lend any relevancy.  Sorry, but if was simply insensitive for SJ Times to post the mans weight.  In our Politically Correct society we gasp at the mere mention of race being inserted into an article, but when it comes to weight there still is that insensitivity that a lot of so-called journalists don’t quite get yet.  And considering the SJ Times and it’s Liberal tilt I’m sure they would find it insensitive to report that the current Knock-Out Game fad is mostly conducted by black youths, but it would be irrelevant, much like this mans exact weight, because it also most likely crosses over racial lines.  So I must reiterate that posting a mans exact weight has ZERO relevancy to the story.

There are calls for the reporter to be fired.  I disagree.  Why should they be fired?  They made a bad decision that lacked discretion on their part.  Hopefully, this furor will be a valuable lesson learned and that in the future they’ll exercise such discretion.

There’s also calls for removing the story.  I disagree once again.  It should be corrected (which at present there has been no correction) not removed.  It shouldn’t be removed due to relevancy to the community the SJ Times serves.

So, if a newspaper such as the SJ Times is going to defend it’s posting of a mans weight on the internet and newspaper as relevant to the story they better be able to back it up with something that can easily stand the test of logic and common sense.  The SJ Times defense is weak and lacks common sense.  They would be better off either a) correcting their headline online by omitting weight or b) publishing an apology.  However, I’m sure they could do both.

Election Night

So, it’s the night of nights where the political junkies like myself indulge in their version of the Superbowl awaiting the results of diving into their civic duty of voting.  Today, I voted for the first time a Third party Candidate for such a major position for Governor.  I figure a) Chris Christie is going to win anyways and b) it’s high time I voted for Third Party.  The Third Party candidate in question was Libertarian Ken Kaplan.  I mean, why not?  Why not break the mould and vote for someone who has principle as opposed to someone without like Chris Christie and Barbara Buono.  However, the rest I voted straight down Republican since I had no clue who, if there were any, the Third Party candidates were.  I voted No on Question 2 which was the amending of the NJ state constitution to force businesses to pay minimum wage. So, I’m curious as to the destiny of this Public Question.  I’m sure it’ll pass though.  That’s how this state of New Jersey is.

In Virginia, the race for governor is between Cuccinelli and McAuliffe.  That should be an interesting contest as well.  At the time of this writing Cuccinelli is in the lead with 54.65% and McAuliffe with 37.17.  It’s not over yet, though so it can swing drastically in favor of McAuliffe.

Middlesex County in New Jersey shows a tight race between Christie (5,589) and Buono (5,041).  Buono is from Metuchen, which is in Middlesex County, and has represented the 18th District (East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Metuchen, South Plainfield, South RIver and Spotswood) in the State Senate since 2002. Like with any election it could swing dramatically from one candidate to the other.

Back to Virginia, the precinct reporting are 20% with Cuccinelli still in the lead with 52.38% and McAuliffe with 39.97%.  Quite amazing watching the numbers ebb and flow like a tide in a lake.  Love it or hate it, it is fun to watch our system of government at play on Election Day.

DeBlasio is a joke, so to even waste time on this communist is worthless.  That’s my reason for not even bothering with this Mad Hatter of a politician.  I figure if you think that Bloomberg was bad with his attempt at Draconian Laws against soft drinks I don’t believe you’ve seen anything yet once this jackboot communist DeBlasio steps to the seat of power in NYC.

To those who voted in favor of minimum wage in New Jersey, when you see jobs leaving the state and/or the prices of commodities and other goods going up, blame yourselves because this is what happens when you go with emotion rather than logic.  This is the legacy that minimum wage produces.  Just mark this day on your calendar and remember, remember the 5th of November where Liberals and Socialists voted via their emotions and not logic.

In New Jersey there’s a lot of talk about this election being possibly historic with Christie theoretically getting about 50% or more of the votes.  I doubt this will happen because he has simply pissed off a lot of people ranging from teachers unions to even the GOP.  And with his backing down on gay marriage he’ll probably lose a lot of the Conservative vote despite him recently stating he’s a Conservative, not a moderate.  I could be wrong, but I just don’t see it being a historical day.

The issue of secession is being toyed with by the more rural areas of Colorado with even a county wanting to join Wyoming due to the city Liberal elite and their heavy handed approach of governing in Colorado.  This will be interesting despite the fact nothing will probably happen it’s simply the principle of the matter that will be important.  Stating simply that people are so damn tired of the tyrannical zeal of the Liberals that they would rather become a separate entity altogether rather than deal with the crappy hand they were delivered.

Back in Virginia with 32% of the precincts reporting in Cuccinelli is at 51.05% and McAuliffe is at 41.57%.  Pretty tight race, but still too hard to call yet.

CNN Just declared Christie the winner, no surprise there.  Polls closed, bitches!  Let’s see how this all goes!

The idea of Chris Christie running for President in 2016 just seems ludicrous and desperate in my opinion.

Associated Press is saying Chris Christie Crushes Barbara Buono.  Funny, wonder if that was a jab at Christies girth.  Like I’ve stated, not surprising that he won.  Now I’m wondering by how much.  Will it be historic or hype?

In other NJ election news, Sweeney looks like he’ll win again for State Senate with 1,954 votes, so far, over Niki Trunk who has 1,309 at this time.

With 45% of precincts reporting in in Virginia, it might be safe to say that Cuccinelli has Virginia in his grasp with 50.05% and McAuliffe at 42.62% of the votes.

Far, far away in a Land known as Virginia 56% precincts are reporting in with Cuccinelli down to 49.05% and McAuliffe up at 43.69%.

I guess for Christie to argue with public teachers during a campaign stop in Somers Point and still win just shows how much of a bunch of assholes us New Jerseyians are.  “Hey, fuck it, he says some crazy shit and yells at people, but man he’s one of us!”  Be an asshole and you too can be a Governor!

LIVE UPDATES on are annoying at best with some counties not even showing up yet.  I wish it was setup like they usually are for Presidential Elections.

Have to wonder how Christie won a die-hard Blue State when he’s been a bully towards teachers unions.  Was it his rubbing elbows with Obama after Hurricane Sandy and snubbing of Romney?  Or something else?  Maybe the unaffiliated, who outnumber the Republicans and Democrats, are simply swinging Right?  Who knows.  Maybe we’ll see Christie unleash his girth like a Sumo Wrestler in the coming years.

Hey VA!  With 68% of the precincts reporting, Cuccinelli 47.52% and McAuliffe 45.22%…damned dead heat.  I think Cuccinelli will still win with a point ahead and no more.

Well, I’m bored of this.  Goodnight and good luck, America!

New Jersey, Vote NO on Question 2

Question 2 is the Amendment to raise the minimum wage. The following info graphic explains why raising the minimum wage would be bad for the economy. So download print and/or email it to other New Jerseyians.


A Question for Robert Menendez Answered

Just today I had sent an email to the Office of NJ Senator Robert Menendez regarding the issue if members of Congress are willing to enroll via the marketplace they expect us Americans to participate in and this is the response I received:

Dear Mr. ###########:

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Your opinion is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you on this vital issue.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148) establishes, for the first time, a competitive and transparent marketplace where individuals and small-groups are able to purchase quality, affordable health insurance.  For employers with more than 100 employees, who have large-group or self-insured policies, these newly created marketplaces will not affect their insurance plans.  As such, the only changes this law makes to these plans are increased consumer protections, such as prohibiting coverage denials because of a pre-existing condition and outlawing annual or lifetime limits on benefits.

The law does, however, require that members of Congress and their staff purchase health insurance through the new health insurance marketplaces rather than continue participating in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan. The federal government is our nation’s largest employer and just like other employers in this country that offer health insurance it provides a contribution to cover a portion of its employees’ insurance costs.  The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently announced regulations that will allow the government to continue paying the employer portion of Congressional employees’ premiums.  This regulation maintains the employer-employee relationship used by employers across the country, without altering the requirement that these employees’ obtain their insurance in the newly created marketplaces.  Again, I can assure you that I, along with my office staff, will be purchasing our health insurance through the new insurance marketplaces when they open in 2014.

Thank you for your support and for sharing your thoughts with me.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be or more assistance.  I invite you to visit my website ( to learn more about how I am standing up for New Jersey families in the United States Senate.

Whether or not this can be trusted is to be seen in the near future, which is January 2014 to be exact.  I’ve also sent an email to Representative Rob Andrews of NJ the same question, but still awaiting a response.  I will post his response, if it comes, as well.  So, keep your eyes open and be vigilant of your Senators and Representatives that they fulfill their promise of enrolling on the ObamaCare Program.  Remember, if it’s good for us then it’s good for them.

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