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New Zealand Mosque Attack

The terror attack on a mosque by some white supremacist numbskull sickens me to the core. These people were doing nothing wrong. All they were doing was worshipping their god in their way. Why commit this heinous act?

Much of the heathen community is concerned about the terrorists use of “Valhalla” as a means of stating his intended destination upon his death. I totally agree that his, and much of the white supremacist organizations out there, use of our sacred symbols is disgusting. Heathenry has no room for bigots and racists. However, my biggest concern is how callous the human race has become. This type of stuff should not be common place, but it’s becoming so at an alarming rate. Why? What has made humanity so callous and so narcissistic? Because let’s face the facts about this terrorist, he did this while live streaming via a GoPro and that my dear readers is a sign of narcissism. With the increase of social media and streaming technology, this has become possible to live stream such wanton disregard for human life. Should we ban such technology? No, of course not, but everyone should be asking this most important question: why have we human beings become so callous? This is indeed an uncomfortable question to ask, but it needs to be asked and answered. If we are expected to have a conversation on race, a conversation on guns and so forth, why are we not having a conversation for the root of everything that ails our modern society: human callousness?

I hope to the gods that the victims of this horrible act are comforted and are given justice. I hope that New Zealand is merciless in their doling out of the law against this terrorist. And I hope, from all this tragedy, we human beings can become less callous and start loving each other regardless of our so-called differences. We are 7 billion people living on Mother Gaia, none of us are going anywhere. Therefore, we need to learn how to cooperate and get along with each other or we are doomed as a species.

Man Hangs ISIS Flag Outside Home

With all the hate and genocide associated with this group, why else would you hang it outside your home? Well, a man in NJ has hung this disgusting flag outside his home supposedly for what it says and not for support of ISIS.  I understand it has supposedly been hung on Ramadan for 10 years, but common sense says that it has been tarnished by the genocidal actions of an extremist group.  Just take the swastika as an example of a positive symbol tarnished by an extremist group.  The swastika originally was a symbol of good luck and can be seen in Buddhist spiritual artwork.  However, because of the bloody genocide committed under the symbol no one, other than hate mongering malcontents, wave the flag anymore nor have the swastika anywhere.  So why should it be different for the ISIS flag? It has become a symbol of hate and genocide and should be treated as such.  Hang it in your home if you feel its important to you but not outside the house. People won’t see it your way because of how blood covered the flag is now. It stinks that those who hang it for innocent purposes are now condemned, but you need to employ common sense these days when hanging flags outside your home.  

I do hope the ignorant folks who posted this mans address get charged with something.  By posting this mans address you put him in danger by hateful morons who won’t understand this mans intentions no matter how despised this flag is.  Once again it’s common sense that seems to be dwindling in our society. 

I hope that cooler heads prevail and nothing more happens with this.  We have enough hate and violence in this country at the moment, we don’t need more.  We need more understanding and more unity between the people of America.


The raging topic of today is of course the whole millennia long conflict between Jews and Muslims in the guise of a territorial dispute. I don’t support either side emphatically. To those who will complain that I lack a heart need to understand that their support is indirectly going towards the elitists who control the situation. The people have no say in what their leaders do. The common folk of Israel and Palestine are constantly ignored for the bigger objective of genocide that the IDF and Hamas want to conduct on each other. The pro-Palestine folks are just as bad and Nazi-esque as their pro-Israel counterparts since it all devolves into hateful rhetoric that is not conducive to the establishment of peace in that area of the world. Instead, fuel is thrown on flames fanned by zealotry on such a massive scale that even the Nazis themselves would be shamed.

So, I have no heart because I refuse to partake in supporting either brutal regime who ignore the citizens of each state? No, those who take a side in this conflict without thinking absolutely of the people caught in the crossfire are the heartless ones. If the pro-Israel or pro-Palestine folks actually were thinking about the common people they wouldn’t be taking either side but rather the side of humanity. This is a conflict that doesn’t need a national/religious side, but a side for humanity. Everything else is just an illusion that keeps people separated and easily controlled. If a polytheistic heathen such as myself can figure this out than the monotheists in this region can grasp it as well. However, it takes only common sense to know this, not religious persuasion nor political ideology.

So, to the pro-Palestine and pro-Israel folks, get a clue or shut up. If you aren’t on the side of humanity you are simply an evil, selfish creature that doesn’t deserve to be included in the human race.

Liberal Sheep, the Harbingers of Tyranny.


Muslims Rallying for Bill de Blasio

When it comes to insanity I think Bill de Blasio is about to take the award for it.  In recent news Bill de Blasio promises to Muslims that he’ll end NYPD spying.  Yeah, I wonder how well that will turn out.  Regardless of your position on religious rights when it comes to Muslims and their lack of reigning in their jihadist brethren it’s hard to not watch them with a scruntinizing eye on a daily basis.  When they want their Sharia Law to be observed in America, kill their family members who wander outside their faith in “honor” killings and have no problems celebrating in the streets when something violent in America happens then these aren’t people who are willing to coexist peacefully.  They are the newest horde of religious fanatics from the MidEast to ravage the lands they occupy.  The Christians were the first MidEast religion to ravage lands they held.  Look at Europe from the mid-300’s on up.  People died because of their beliefs at the hands of Christians and it hasn’t been until recently that indigenous European religions are being allowed to congregate in the open.  It was just this century a few years ago where the ban on Hellenistic Polytheism was legalized in Greece.  So what part of history haven’t we been paying attention to?  True, that Christianity has lightened up a bit and has even taken the side of the Jewish people and made amends.  So, for Bill de Blasio to suggest that he will avert the eyes of the law away from Muslims is idiotic and insane.  However, if he supports the averting of spying on ordinary Americans especially the Right Wingers by the IRS, then maybe just maybe he’ll have some credibility, but I believe that’s a fantasy.

While I’m sure he considers the Tea Party movement a bunch of homegrown terrorists, lets not forget his support for the Sandinista movement, which some would also consider a homegrown terrorist group who grabbed the reins of power.  However, as is the inclination of human nature those who have the same ideologies as those who are considered terrorists would find pleasant bedfellows within these groups.  It’s much like the KKK seeing the Nazis of the 30’s and 40’s as brothers in arms despite the fact that the inbred morons that populate the KKK would be ripe for labor camps and forced sterilization by the Nazi regime.  What does this have to do with de Blasio?  His blatant hard-line socialist drone mindset.  It’s the same thing spewed by the socialist groups that ramble on and on about rights, but are willing to deny others certain rights ( ie: Tea Party right wingers their right to free speech, religious insitituions having the right to NOT marry gays..etc.).  And it is of no surprise that the Stalinist Communist Party USA has no mean words to say about him.  If the CPUSA has nothing to say then they support the candidate and that is the norm for the CPUSA since it no longer runs candidates it lends it’s support to Democrats.  I should know I used to be a member of the CPUSA.

Perhaps there’s a small chance De Blasio will do better than Bloomberg.  Maybe it’ll become a Liberal utopia or a Liberal cesspool like California is slowly becoming (ie: non-physicians performing abortions, drivers license for illegals and whatever lunatic fringe stuff Jerry Brown comes up with.)  I don’t think GOP contender would do any better either considering both are cut from the same filthy cloth.  They are politicians and maintaining their career is their first and foremost priority.  “Fuck the people, gimme my government position!”, is the motto of all politicians whether they are Left or Right.  Bill de Blasio, Lhota, none of those clowns gives a damn about you and people need to vote on that premise instead of, “Well, what can government do for me?”  The government can’t do anything for you except protect you from foreign invaders and your rights otherwise it’s all down to state governments to decide if abortion should be legal or gay marriage and even then it is up to YOU if those things are to be legal meaning YOU vote on a ballot those things.  This stuff should never be left up to government, but the people.  However, socialists like Bill De Blasio, Barrack Obama and et al want you to believe otherwise because basically they all believe you are mindless sheep to be moulded by their hands.  They snap the whip and you are supposed to say, “How high?!” is how they view you.  We are serfs to them, not equals.  So get that nonsense out of your mind.

History is not supposed to be a guidebook on how to subvert your fellow man, but rather as a warning post to those treading down the same path that the USSR, Nazi Germany, Democratic Kampuchea (Cambodia under the murderous Khmer Rouge), China and North Korea went down before us.  If we can’t learn from history and simply let things go down the crumbling path we are on then I say we don’t deserve freedom.  We deserve an outcome much like the citizens of Oceania in George Orwells 1984. Total 24/7 surveillance where our lives are controlled absolutely by Big Brother and not by our own whims.  If you can’t protect freedom for you and your fellow citizen despite ideological differences then you’ve helped create Oceania in America.

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