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Today’s Male: Lacking in Honor

What is it withImage today’s male population?  From becoming metrosexual pansies who can’t commit to a relationship to the obtusely unromantic, self centered douche, males in the 21st Century are showing an increasing lack of honor and commitment, the polar opposite of what it takes to be a man these days.  While I don’t entirely believe the whole right-wing conspiracy theory that radical feminists are trying to mold men into feminized pansies, however it’s hard to ignore the current trend facing men these days.  Is it a radical feminist agenda?  Is it the communist attack on the bourgeois family unit?  Or is it simply the sign of an over indulgent culture nearing collapse?  I’m pretty sure the Roman Empire experience such a malaise prior to its absolute downfall.  When a culture, especially male culture, loses its sense of honor and duty it’s only a matter of time before it collapses.  Despite the much maligned idea of masculinity being stereotyped as the classical “wife beater”, which is a myth and is more along the lines of cowardice coupled with weak will-power which isn’t masculine at all, it has helped shape our world and history.  One of the virtues of masculinity is the courage to conquer obstacles.  Women possess it too much like the Celtic Warrior Queen Boudica who led an uprising against the Romans.  Another virtue is honor and if you strike a woman out of rage you have no honor, but if you stand up for a person being harassed in the streets by either a thug or police officer than you have honor.  Will power is another virtue that men, especially cheating men, lack these days.  If you can abstain from your base instincts that make you become a drunken slob or philandering douche-bag than you have a strong will power that is worthy of the being called masculine.

Of course, with all things, there are more virtues to expand upon, but those are the main ones.  Now as you saw at the beginning of this post there was a picture of the new “Bro App” which, “A new app makes it possible for a user to spend more time with his ‘bros’ by sending a ‘sweet’ automated message to their girlfriend.”  After reading about this all I can do is shake my head in dismay that this is what our unaffectionate society is heading towards.  It only takes…what….a few seconds of typing to say something to your girlfriend the same few seconds it takes you to open the app up, wait for it to load, select the message you want and press send?!  The absolute selfishness and cold take on romance these days is disgusting and dishonorable.  Without the heart, what is the purpose of the human experience?  Without love how can we conquer evil in the world?  If we become cold automatons slaves to our base instincts what is the purpose of calling ourselves humans anymore?

So the question is, are you man enough to control yourself from using technology to express concern for your significant other?  Are you man enough to abstain from cheating on your significant other when the going gets tough? Are you man enough to control your appetite for alcoholic indulgence that leaves you slobbering, drunken mess?

Well…..are you?

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