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In Defense of Creepy Pasta

As an artist and an amateur writer, I feel it is my duty to defend Creepy Pasta from what should be the media pointing the finger at bad parenting instead of sensationalizing against websites that don’t do a thing to encourage attempted murder.  If reading and writing horror led to murderous tendencies than I believe Stephen King would be the biggest mass murderer the world would have ever seen.  However, that’s not the case and thankfully.  The media attack and those individuals who are placing blame on Creepy Pasta are ridiculous and need a reality check.  Perhaps, the media should scrutinize the parenting of those murderous children who delved into a fictional world believing a fictional character would come get them if they killed their friend.  I mean why hasn’t the media asked that question?  What would make these kids not appreciate their friends life and what would make them try to escape their life by murdering their friend?  The media, lacking its objective reporting quality, has gone on to attack and berate Creepy Pasta for whatever sordid reason bringing along the hollowed minds who know only to react and not think.

I think society needs to discuss the lack of concern about parenting by todays parents.  This horrific event was due to lack of parenting or just plain bad parenting altogether. Why didn’t the parents notice the peculiar things their children were looking at?  Where was the parental control?  In this day and age where you can block websites from being accessed by your kids there’s no excuse for ANY parent to not to know what their children have been looking at under their roof.  So once again, I reiterate, the inept media needs to do it’s job and investigate what was happening prior to the stabbings.  There’s more to the story than we’re being told.

When we start blaming things that had no encouragement for peoples deeds and not place the blame where it should be than we are negating responsibility and encouraging more outrageous acts.  We’re giving these kids and the parents an outlet for blame when the blame lies on the parents and the kids.  Why the media hasn’t caught on to this aspect of their so-called journalism is beyond me.  Perhaps it’s ratings, but either way it’s sick and disgusting.

By the way, here’s the website:  It’s a great website for those venturing into writing.  Enjoy and give your support to this site.  It’s getting a bad rep for no good reason other than media sensationalism.

Relevancy in Reporting

Yesterday an article detailing the weight of a man who had to be rescued from being stuck in mud was posted on and SJ Times Newspaper Facebook page.  Well, the reaction from readers wasn’t all too great.  You had some who could care less, but the amount of people who had their nerves struck by this article were in the majority.

Following are some comments on the website:





Here are some on the Facebook Page concerning the article:




And this is what SJ Times had in reply to the grievances of their readers:


The audacity to defend posting the mans exact weight is just inane.  First off, putting that poor mans EXACT weight out there has ZERO relevancy especially simply putting over-sized or big would’ve sufficed.  Second, anyone of any weight class can easily be mired in mud. As for the amount of rescuers as defense for posting an exact weight still doesn’t lend any relevancy.  Sorry, but if was simply insensitive for SJ Times to post the mans weight.  In our Politically Correct society we gasp at the mere mention of race being inserted into an article, but when it comes to weight there still is that insensitivity that a lot of so-called journalists don’t quite get yet.  And considering the SJ Times and it’s Liberal tilt I’m sure they would find it insensitive to report that the current Knock-Out Game fad is mostly conducted by black youths, but it would be irrelevant, much like this mans exact weight, because it also most likely crosses over racial lines.  So I must reiterate that posting a mans exact weight has ZERO relevancy to the story.

There are calls for the reporter to be fired.  I disagree.  Why should they be fired?  They made a bad decision that lacked discretion on their part.  Hopefully, this furor will be a valuable lesson learned and that in the future they’ll exercise such discretion.

There’s also calls for removing the story.  I disagree once again.  It should be corrected (which at present there has been no correction) not removed.  It shouldn’t be removed due to relevancy to the community the SJ Times serves.

So, if a newspaper such as the SJ Times is going to defend it’s posting of a mans weight on the internet and newspaper as relevant to the story they better be able to back it up with something that can easily stand the test of logic and common sense.  The SJ Times defense is weak and lacks common sense.  They would be better off either a) correcting their headline online by omitting weight or b) publishing an apology.  However, I’m sure they could do both.

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