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Amnesty, A Slap in the Face of Legal Immigrants

My father is an immigrant from the beautiful country of Uruguay in South America (east of Argentina and south of Brazil just for you geographically challenged folk out there).  He came here in the mid-70’s and went about the path to citizenship the legal way.  You know gaining the whole resident alien status, that was the butt of a joke when I asked if aliens existed.  After two decades he became a full fledged citizen of the United States of America in the late 90’s.  He did it the right way.  Now, today, we have these Liberals and spineless RINO’s who want to pretty much slap every legal immigrant in the face with this absurd amnesty bill.  Where’s the fairness and political correctness in this?  Why should those that have broken the law be rewarded with an easier path to citizenship?

It’s sad that there is only a few voices out there who have the mental capability to point out how unfair this is to legal immigrants.  The Left always focus on fairness for the illegal immigrants, but never on the fairness of legal immigrants.  It only speaks volumes of how the Left is seeking only to use something that has destroyed many great nations to it’s advantage: porous borders and outright invasion.  The Roman Empire fell due to it’s own porous borders and the lack of assimilating those who were foreign to Roman soil.  It eventually contributed to it’s downfall.  Either the Left really have no clue about history or they know their history and how to wield it as a weapon against that which it loathes.

I don’t believe any explanation from the Left will be adequate enough to gain a foothold in understanding why they have absolutely no remorse for insulting legal immigrants with this mad man’s game of amnesty.  It means an upheaval between races especially between the black and Latino communities.  I must ask again if this is what the Left wants, an upheaval that they can take advantage of in order to grab absolute power from the People in the name of the People?  I can only theorize and as always I leave room for error because I’m certainly no Nostradamus, but knowing how the Left have historically taken advantage of chaos in order to spread their ideas and gain power.  I guess time will tell.  For now, though, lets curb this amnesty nonsense.  It’s unfair to legal immigrants who had taken the time to travel the path to citizenship.

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