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In Concerns of Enterovirus 68

A rare virus discovered in 1962 called Enterovirus 68 had, up until recently, been reported only a few times in 36 years.  However, this past summer, at the same time when a huge surge of illegal immigrants crossed our porous border, the enterovirus kicked into high gear.  Of course, the link does seem pretty straight forward, but to the CDC and others there’s no evidence of any link between the coincidences.  Here’s what the CDC had to say:

“There is no evidence that unaccompanied children brought EV-D68 into the United States; we are not aware of any of these children testing positive for the virus,”
Being someone who needs evidence I have to ask for the evidence of the CDC on conducting tests on these children for ANY and ALL types of illnesses before being sent to other areas of the country
“In previous years, it has not been as commonly identified as other enteroviruses,” CDC said. “This year’s increase in confirmed cases is not due to a recent introduction in the United States.”
Ok, so what is the cause behind this?  Why such a large outbreak now? Are Americans more dirty these days?
When we have a disease that has caused a reported 700 cases this year and linked to the deaths of 5 children then we need to explore every single detail in order to find how it spread so far and wide so fast and what to do in the future.  I do believe the illegal immigrant connection needs to be investigated further and that the evidence is put online for all Americans to see.  Doing a Google Search results in zero published investigations into the outbreak.
Right now we have limited information on how this truly began, but a plethora of information on how to avoid becoming infected.  So, for now, that’s all we the American people have on the enterovirus.  Just simply wash your hands.  However, it would be nice if the CDC and the government released information on how a rare virus went wild this year.  Is it not as rare as we thought?  Is it linked to illegal immigrants?  Are Americans just simply filthy?  To know how it began will help stop future outbreaks, but since political correctness and government opaqueness are the constant roadblocks to knowledge I doubt we’ll see this information brought to light unless someone with a conscience leaks it to a media outlet.
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