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American Horror Story: Cult

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Greetings fellow Americans! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here.  So I’m here to review the first episode of AHS: Cult.  I enjoyed last season immensely especially after the hum-drum Hotel season. However, this looks to be a crazy and wonderful season. Straight from the beginning, Ryan Murphy hits hard with the extremes of both sides of the political spectrum and how they reacted in regards to Trumps ascendancy to the Presidency.  You see two Left leaning folks freak out.  Ally (Sarah Paulson) breaks down as the news of the Trump win with a string expletives that I’m sure resounded within many election watchers. And also within the same scene, we see a Hillary supporter start bashing Jill Stein supporters.  I’ve experienced this just recently, so the wounds are still fresh with Hillary supporters.  The other Left leaning person is Winter (Billie Lourd) as she is watching the horror of the Trump win unfold, she comments on “What was wrong with CNN for not giving us a trigger warning before they announced the results?”.  Finally we have alt-Right crazyman Kai (Evan Peters) having a figurative orgasm over the Trump win.  In my humble opinion, these are great caricatures of the divisive environment our country is embroiled in and I think a dramatic look at these issues needs to occur.  I commend Ryan Murphy for this season.

Now certain articles such as Rolling Stones article complains about the cartoon quality of the characters of this season.  I think the cartoonish quality is quite on par with how the two extremes are these days.  Both the Left and the Right have become circus clowns on a murderous spree against opposing ideas and free speech.  Look at the recent spate of White Supremacists and ANTIFA clashes.  These are the clowns that want to destroy freedom for the sake of their own agenda.  These are the clowns parading as human beings when they are acting like the stereotype that is imposed upon them.  So to have the characters in AHS: Cult as not human beings, but cartoons is not too far from the truth. I’m sure both sides will hate this season as it progresses because it provides a mirror onto their antics and their extremism, but seriously America needs this and they need it bad because our extremism is becoming our downfall.  Our extremism is destroying the United States from within and if we don’t take a long, painful look at ourselves we’re going to become the next Nazi Germany/ Soviet Russia or worse Khmer Rouge Cambodia.  You can’t simply act out on your extremist views without having someone provide your ugly reflection back into your face.

Rolling Stone ends their article with this, “The country is sick, yes, but not in the way Trump – or Cult – seems to believe it is.”  It’s not simply a belief, but an observation made by those who aren’t entirely extreme.  Extremists are the minority in this country, but they are receiving the most views on social media, in the news and everywhere else.  Those of us who don’t abide by any specific political ideology, those of us in the center, and those of us who are simply apathetic aren’t represented proportionally.  AHS: Cult is that representation of the views of those who aren’t extreme.  It’s what we see on the news and on social media.  So, if you’re offended by how AHS: Cult portrays your side of the aisle, ask Ryan Murphy to provide trigger warnings prior to each episode.

#TrumpProtest aka #TrumpRiot

Not even a week and the riots have started.  I can sympathize with those who PEACEFULLY protest, but when you start attacking people physically and destroying property you lose my sympathy.  Violence and hate is not the answer.  I understand that people are afraid of what the future holds, however I must ask….where was the outrage when the DNC was outed for sabotaging Bernie Sanders campaign?  Where were the Days of Rage then?  The system has always been rigged no matter who won.  It does not matter if you do not like nor voted for Trump he is our President.  These are the same words of wisdom stated by Liberals as a counter for those who didn’t want to accept Barack Obama as our President.  However, now it’s different.  Now it’s civil unrest for a process that hasn’t changed in over 200 years.


A Peaceful anti-Trump Protest

Word of advice, do something about the Democratic Party or, here’s a better idea, get a Third Party out of obscurity and into the light.  Did you know that had more people voted Jill Stein she f she had received at least 5% of the votes it would’ve entitled the Green Party $10 million and recognition as a valid opposing party.  But no, both Democrats and Republicans came together and shouted down those who supported Third Party candidates as “waste of votes” and told us to “vote for the lesser evil”.  Looks like those mind sets really did you pro-mainstream parties well.  Nicely done….thanks.

To those protesting peacefully and with compassion in your heart for your fellow American, I support you and applaud you.  To those destroying property and hurt people, I don’t support you.  You hurt the movement and make all valid points and arguments invalid with hate and violence.

Let the revolution be a revolution based on love for our fellow human being and American and not hate directed at those who oppose our ideas.  Hatred only leads to fascism.

My Votes Today Went To….

Jill Stein for President, some Libertarian for either Senate or House, and for local government I wrote in Aleister Crowley, Ragnar Lodbrock and myself.  I kept true to my plan of NOT voting for ANY of the Kleptocrat party or commonly known individually as the Democrat and Republican parties.


Jill Stein of the Green Party

Of course, there will plenty of people saying that I wasted my vote today.  No, I didn’t.  I voted based on my conscience rather than the rehashed nonsense of voting for the “lesser of two evils”.  If more people surpassed that mentality, we would have more Third Parties in seats of government today.  However, the Republicans and Democrats work in tandem to make sure that Third Party voices, such as Jill Stein, be drowned out.  In fact, both Obama and Romney in 2012 both had NOTHING to say when Jill Stein was arrested for demanding that she be able to debate the Kleptocrats.  She has that right as do ALL Third Parties have that right to debate the Kleptocrats on the issues at hand.  This is why real change will never occur until people in this country change their mindset from lesser of two evils to Third Parties can create that change.

So come 2020, we’ll see if more people wake up instead of slumber peacefully ignoring the Kleptocrats stranglehold on power in the United States.  The more ignorant people remain, the longer the hold on power is.  Unfortunately, my optimism 8 years ago has waned.  Now, pessimism reigns supreme as I watch people debase themselves with classless acts like booing a candidate they dislike on their way to vote to out and out violence or threats there of. Maybe, just maybe I’ll pleasantly surprised, but I’m not counting on it.

May the Gods keep our country peaceful during this heated time.



Election 2016 aka The Circus Freakshow

What a joke this election turned into.  It became a clash of oligarchical titans spewing venom into each others faces as opposed telling us why we should vote for them.  Instead, it has been an admittance by each person that they are horrible people, but a vote in their favor would be better than a vote for the bigger of two evils.  I personally don’t support either one of these people.  My vote tomorrow will go to Jill Stein of the Green Party.  I’d rather rather vote with my conscience rather than for “the lesser of two evils” which, in my humble opinion, are the same type of evil we strive daily to stay away from.

Trump (Herr Drumpf)


Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton at Trumps Wedding in 2005

What’s wrong with this picture?  Why it’s Trump and the Clintons together at Trumps wedding in 2005.  For people so diametrically opposed to each other the Clintons sure had no problems hamming it up with Trump.  If we can condemn Donald Rumsfelds picture with Saddam Hussein, then we can apply the same logic here.  These two are playing a game with the American people and no matter who wins, this country is in trouble.

Sure, you say, that picture proves nothing other than that wealthy hang out with each other a lot.  However, on May of 2015, Bill Clinton phoned Donald Trump and stated this:


Clinton encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party and offered his own views of the political landscape.

Moreover, Trump has donated plenty of times to the Clintons and their foundation.  If that shit don’t reek, well you’re aren’t smelling hard enough.

More evidence that Trump is nothing more than a shill to pave the way for Hillary is that Liberal billionaire, George Soros, has helped Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has lined up three New York hedge funds, including money from billionaire George Soros, to invest $160 million in his Chicago skyscraper

Once again, someone so diametrically opposed to Trump has in some way been involved with Trump, but the powers that be want you forget about all of that.  The so-called Conservatives who support Trump are those who will also responsible for putting Hillary into power.

Hillary Clinton

I seriously don’t need to go into the specifics as to why Hillary is unfit for Presidency.  Benghazi, email mishandling, the sabotaging of Bernie Sanders campaign, the scandals with the Clinton Foundation (you know that one I just told you Donald Trump donated to) and many other probable scandals.


And where does this end up?  Well this picture sums up it up perfectly.  At what point in our nations history do we stop voting for “the lesser evil” and actually become brave enough to vote for a third party candidate.  I’m tired of the same two parties with the same solutions for everything being elected, so for the first time since I’ve been a voter I’m voting straight third party and if there happens to be no third party candidate then I’m writing in a name, namely Ragnar Lodbrock.  A viking can do better in politics than these two false hopes running currently.  They have nothing to offer the American people, but as I always say, when the shit hits the fan in this country and one of these useless piles of garbage runs this country into the ground, you get what you voted for.  You gave in to the shit slinging and even participated in it by puffing your chest out and saying you know better.  Well, no one knows a damn thing.  If you did, you’d vote third party.

Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka 2016 for President!

Election Night

So, it’s the night of nights where the political junkies like myself indulge in their version of the Superbowl awaiting the results of diving into their civic duty of voting.  Today, I voted for the first time a Third party Candidate for such a major position for Governor.  I figure a) Chris Christie is going to win anyways and b) it’s high time I voted for Third Party.  The Third Party candidate in question was Libertarian Ken Kaplan.  I mean, why not?  Why not break the mould and vote for someone who has principle as opposed to someone without like Chris Christie and Barbara Buono.  However, the rest I voted straight down Republican since I had no clue who, if there were any, the Third Party candidates were.  I voted No on Question 2 which was the amending of the NJ state constitution to force businesses to pay minimum wage. So, I’m curious as to the destiny of this Public Question.  I’m sure it’ll pass though.  That’s how this state of New Jersey is.

In Virginia, the race for governor is between Cuccinelli and McAuliffe.  That should be an interesting contest as well.  At the time of this writing Cuccinelli is in the lead with 54.65% and McAuliffe with 37.17.  It’s not over yet, though so it can swing drastically in favor of McAuliffe.

Middlesex County in New Jersey shows a tight race between Christie (5,589) and Buono (5,041).  Buono is from Metuchen, which is in Middlesex County, and has represented the 18th District (East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Metuchen, South Plainfield, South RIver and Spotswood) in the State Senate since 2002. Like with any election it could swing dramatically from one candidate to the other.

Back to Virginia, the precinct reporting are 20% with Cuccinelli still in the lead with 52.38% and McAuliffe with 39.97%.  Quite amazing watching the numbers ebb and flow like a tide in a lake.  Love it or hate it, it is fun to watch our system of government at play on Election Day.

DeBlasio is a joke, so to even waste time on this communist is worthless.  That’s my reason for not even bothering with this Mad Hatter of a politician.  I figure if you think that Bloomberg was bad with his attempt at Draconian Laws against soft drinks I don’t believe you’ve seen anything yet once this jackboot communist DeBlasio steps to the seat of power in NYC.

To those who voted in favor of minimum wage in New Jersey, when you see jobs leaving the state and/or the prices of commodities and other goods going up, blame yourselves because this is what happens when you go with emotion rather than logic.  This is the legacy that minimum wage produces.  Just mark this day on your calendar and remember, remember the 5th of November where Liberals and Socialists voted via their emotions and not logic.

In New Jersey there’s a lot of talk about this election being possibly historic with Christie theoretically getting about 50% or more of the votes.  I doubt this will happen because he has simply pissed off a lot of people ranging from teachers unions to even the GOP.  And with his backing down on gay marriage he’ll probably lose a lot of the Conservative vote despite him recently stating he’s a Conservative, not a moderate.  I could be wrong, but I just don’t see it being a historical day.

The issue of secession is being toyed with by the more rural areas of Colorado with even a county wanting to join Wyoming due to the city Liberal elite and their heavy handed approach of governing in Colorado.  This will be interesting despite the fact nothing will probably happen it’s simply the principle of the matter that will be important.  Stating simply that people are so damn tired of the tyrannical zeal of the Liberals that they would rather become a separate entity altogether rather than deal with the crappy hand they were delivered.

Back in Virginia with 32% of the precincts reporting in Cuccinelli is at 51.05% and McAuliffe is at 41.57%.  Pretty tight race, but still too hard to call yet.

CNN Just declared Christie the winner, no surprise there.  Polls closed, bitches!  Let’s see how this all goes!

The idea of Chris Christie running for President in 2016 just seems ludicrous and desperate in my opinion.

Associated Press is saying Chris Christie Crushes Barbara Buono.  Funny, wonder if that was a jab at Christies girth.  Like I’ve stated, not surprising that he won.  Now I’m wondering by how much.  Will it be historic or hype?

In other NJ election news, Sweeney looks like he’ll win again for State Senate with 1,954 votes, so far, over Niki Trunk who has 1,309 at this time.

With 45% of precincts reporting in in Virginia, it might be safe to say that Cuccinelli has Virginia in his grasp with 50.05% and McAuliffe at 42.62% of the votes.

Far, far away in a Land known as Virginia 56% precincts are reporting in with Cuccinelli down to 49.05% and McAuliffe up at 43.69%.

I guess for Christie to argue with public teachers during a campaign stop in Somers Point and still win just shows how much of a bunch of assholes us New Jerseyians are.  “Hey, fuck it, he says some crazy shit and yells at people, but man he’s one of us!”  Be an asshole and you too can be a Governor!

LIVE UPDATES on are annoying at best with some counties not even showing up yet.  I wish it was setup like they usually are for Presidential Elections.

Have to wonder how Christie won a die-hard Blue State when he’s been a bully towards teachers unions.  Was it his rubbing elbows with Obama after Hurricane Sandy and snubbing of Romney?  Or something else?  Maybe the unaffiliated, who outnumber the Republicans and Democrats, are simply swinging Right?  Who knows.  Maybe we’ll see Christie unleash his girth like a Sumo Wrestler in the coming years.

Hey VA!  With 68% of the precincts reporting, Cuccinelli 47.52% and McAuliffe 45.22%…damned dead heat.  I think Cuccinelli will still win with a point ahead and no more.

Well, I’m bored of this.  Goodnight and good luck, America!

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