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Christian Insanity aka Wild Bill for America on Persecution

It’s always funny to see Christians talk about persecution especially when they were last persecuted around 300 CE.  Afterwards, they were the ones rampaging and persecuting against pagans for centuries.  Now, they’re pulling the victim card while stating that “we need to get back to our Christian roots with Christian public school education.”  Sorry to say, but theocracies don’t work out as they plan.  Instead of providing Heaven on Earth, it becomes Hell on Earth when people believe they are doing “Gods” work.  YOu can’t state you are for liberty and freedom while calling for the 10 Commandments to be the rule of the land.  Commandment #1 especially puts a halt on that whole idea of freedom and liberty.  If people aren’t given the right to believe in one God, many Gods or no Gods, then you don’t have freedom, you have tyranny.

Wild Bill for America is the prime example of one of those supposedly freedom loving Americans who deep down want a theocracy even though he denies such.  When you vociferously call for Christian “education” in public schools and want the 10 Commandments to be the law of the land, I believe that’s proof enough of wanting a Christian theocracy in charge of our country.

With the ascendancy of the Trump Presidency, we ought to be vigilant about what takes place in the United States.  How far will Trump pander to the evangelicals who helped him into power?  If he wants to retain his position in American politics, it’s not inconceivable that Trump will do what it takes to keep his power.  So, it’s up to us Americans to make sure that the swing to extremism doesn’t occur.


Is Paganism Conservative or Liberal?

Conservative – believing in the value of established and traditional practices in politics and society : relating to or supporting political conservatism

Something I’ve been pondering for a long while especially when stumbling the internet a slew of blogs titled Conservative Pagans: Yes We Exist (which unfortunately no longer exists), that the modern stereotype by conservatives themselves is that pagans tend to be liberal.  I believe that’s not an accurate assessment, I believe many pagans tend to be Libertarians or center due to our inherent knowledge of history and how the more oppressive a government becomes the more prone it is to force everyone to adhere to the regimes system of belief.  However, I want to explore the idea that paganism is conservative in nature, not politically but traditionally.

What we pagans are trying to do is to revive the indigenous religions of Europe and all over the world.  These were the original religions before monotheism ran amok converting those they feel were worshiping false Gods.  In the attempt to revive we have brought back a majority of the practices of these old religions which is the definition of conservatism.  Now we’ve pretty much done away with animal and human sacrifice due in part to Christianity and its influence, but that’s about it.  We have been using texts that have survived the ages of destruction and burning as our guides into the insights of the old religions.  Through this endeavor we have conserved the old religions in modern books and on the internet.

So, basically we pagans tend to be a bit conservative, but not entirely because in modern parlance conservatism is relegated to the Judeo-Christian Conservatism rather than in the sense I’m talking about.  A great deal of us pagans believe in the scientific validity of evolution (which does go along with the idea that we are all birthed from the Earth like in many of our creation stories), some of us are pro-choice (or don’t care either way which I tend to swing, I don’t have uterus to make such a decision), and some of us believe in equality for all (I myself being pro-gay rights).  So this swing us into a center/Libertarian grouping as opposed to full on conservatism.

Of course, this is all my own pondering and nothing more.  I don’t speak for all of paganism nor wish to.  I just like to throw ideas out there to other minds churning.  Through civil discourse new ideas are born into the world, some good, some bad.

From Left to Right: Short Story of Transformation

Back when I was 18 I began getting into politics.  Though it was unfortunate I started off on the Left I did learn a lot about how the Left works and what it really wants as it’s utopia.  And when I say I was on the Left I mean I was a communist.  I joined the CPUSA in 2000 and then joined a Trotskyist group called the WIL (Workers International League).  Do I regret it?  Not really, because from it, like I said earlier, I learned a lot and gaining truth is not something to be ashamed about.  However, staying on the Left would be shameful because it neglects reality and the nature of humanity.  By the time I was 28 I began to realize this and gravitated towards the Right because the more I talked with a co-worker, who was a Conservative, the more I realized how grounded in reality Conservatism really is.  It’s not the stuffy, Puritanical composition we were told about.  It’s about conserving individual freedom to be what you want, to believe what you want without a bunch of busy bodies inserting themselves into your life.  Now, I know we have Conservatives who do the same, but they are also told by their peers that they are being hypocritical.  When Leftists don’t want their orthodoxy being challenged  you are called a Right wing nut job, racist, homophobic or whatever other non-constructive criticism.  Once again, there are Conservatives who do the same when challenged except they call you a Liberal if challenged.  You’ll find those types everywhere you go.  However, the peer review among Conservatives is a lot less alienating than among the Leftist circles.  Conservatism is more inclusive than exclusive despite what the Liberal MSM states.  As a pagan Conservative I’ve only had a few bumps in the road with fellow Conservatives but nothing that has damaged my experience.  In fact, it has only served to strengthened my resolve within Conservatism to bridge the gap between Pagan Conservatives and Christian/Jewish Conservatives.

As I stated earlier, at 28 I went to the Right, which for me was the Center, while having political discussions with a Conservative co-worker of mine.  By then the only thing I saw of Glenn Beck was a crying version of him touting his 9/12 Project.  I thought, “What the hell is with this crying man and why do people give a damn about what he says?”  I’ll didn’t look into him further and that I do regret because the wisdom I see today I wish I had witnessed at that pivotal point in my life. I became a fan of Glenn Beck after reading the Overton Window.  I saw it on a shelf at Walgreens and thought, “Hell, why not?  If I hate it, big deal, but what if I like it?”  So I bought it, read through it within a week.  I was astounded by it for the parallels between current events and what the book outlined.  Afterwards, I actually started watching Glenn Beck and had my mind thoroughly blown after watching past episodes of his show where he made certain predictions that had already come to pass by the time I watch him.  Amazed by this, I haven’t missed an episode since and went Right of Center and that’s where I remain.  I probably be aptly called Libertarian because I’m all for gay marriage as long as religious businesses and institutions are allowed to exempt themselves from partaking in something they feel is morally wrong.  No one should be forced by coercion of the state into performing or catering to something they feel is wrong.  That isn’t freedom, that’s fascism.

Though my story is less than amazing and is rather mediocre in comparison to others who went from radical Left to Right, but it’s still a story where someone escaped the vulturous grip of Leftism and found a bright light on the Right side of the political spectrum plus a new found respect and love for my country.  Love for country is something that didn’t exist when I was on the Left because it was nationalism and went against the internationalist ideal of communism.  I’m thankful for the Gods for pulling me to the Right and away from utopian naivete.  Ignorance is never blissful, it’s degrading of the human spirit.  That’s just not me.

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