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Santa Claus Was White

Despite what the revision lists wish to believe, the truth of the matter is that Santa Claus was white. You can look it up, the origins of Santa Claus. 

Stories like this about a teacher being disciplined after telling the truth and not giving into politically correct madness just goes to show the insanity of those who wish to revise everything to make others feel comfortable even though they know its a lie.

If truth is something that’s offensive than this society has become pansified with no return possible.

War on Christmas 2013, Let It Commence

It hasn’t begun yet, this war on Christmas, but we can expect it to flare up at any time now.  Might be a little delayed, much like the holiday shopping season, due to the placement of Thanksgiving this year.  However, I don’t believe for a second that the anti-Christmas grinches out there aren’t gearing up to be offended at the drop of a pin.  You can probably expect the billboards put up by the American Atheist group or whomever else wants to be a Holiday Spoiler.  I personally see no point in being offended by the simple holiday time salutation of “Merry Christmas” even though I’m not Christian.  Why should a wish of merriment on a holy day be grounds for being offended?  Simply put, those who get offended are either thin skinned pansies or drama seekers who can’t stand merriment at all.  I’m willing to bet, however, that it’s a combination of both.

Christians, I advise that you put up your Nativity scenes with a huge freakin’ spotlight directed on it for night viewing.  Also, hang banners saying, “Merry Christmas to ALL!!” in huge, vibrantly colored letters for everyone to take notice of.  Don’t be shy and don’t back down!  If you back down and capitulate then you are letting the grinches win and that can’t be forgiven.  To back down from adversity is an affront to your Savior.  Did He back down?  I don’t believe so.  And plus, don’t be offended by X-Mas.  X has its roots in the Greek word for Christ.  Back when the Romans converted to Christianity, the symbols XP (Chi Rho an early christogram) were put on their shields.  So in reality, foreshortening Christ in Christmas to an X isn’t really eliminating Christ at all.  People are just lazy.  That’s all.

I can’t quite grasp the general reasoning and logic behind the supposed offense that some get during the holiday season.  I think it’s ridiculous and a show of poor character.  This is supposed to be a time when we get together with family, thankful that we’ve lasted another year and that a new year and new beginnings are about to begin.  We also, unknowingly, celebrate the return of Light and Life by our placement of Christmas lights on the the evergreen tree.  Since Christmas takes place around the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice (Yule), which in turn each consecutive day starts to become longer.  So those atheists who simply want to celebrate life should do just that and leave the Christians and other religious folk alone.  Haven’t you anything better and rational to do with your time?

So, from now one I’ll keep track of all the anti-Christmas lunacy that is sure to abound in the coming weeks and I’ll blog them with my own snarky commentary.

God(s) Bless!

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