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The Art of Not Taking Sides

I don’t take any sides on the conflicts between others.  I give everyone their fair share of attention.  I don’t agree entirely with Right or Left.  I believe both sides have their great qualities and good ideas while having really illogical ideas.  So, do I agree entirely with what others have said about Rhyd or what Rhyd has said about his detractors?  No.  I reiterate the fact that I do not know any of the writers personally nor what they hold in their hearts.  I follow G&R and Rhyd Wildermuth as well as other spectrum opinions simply because you get the whole story of human politics.  Only having one side of the issue or idea is the act of being close minded.  If what others say fills you with rage and how dare they do that to you, then you’re not as open minded as you believe.  You’re being intolerant.  I enjoy reading the thoughts of others and being secure in what I believe in it doesn’t fill me with rage.  I can watch Wild Bill for America on Youtube with serenity and not be angered by some of his nonsensical beliefs.  I can read Richard Dawkins works on atheism and not be angered by his assumption that people who believe in deity are morons.  This is the world we live in where varying ideas along the political spectrum exist and will always exist.  Capitalism will never fall as long as people want to create businesses and profit off of them.  Socialism will never go away as long as people feel oppressed by a system.  So, we preach coexistence with the other faiths, why not apply that to the political ideologies that exist and will always exist?  About time to evolve, don’t you think?

So come what may in the realm of political and religious discourse, I will never take a side.  Occasionally I will play Devils Advocate, but that’s entirely different than taking a side.  It’s moving a conversation along by positing a hypothetical into the fray.  Call me a coward, a collaborator, so be it.  You don’t know me.

I Cannot Give You What You Ask For…

A really well done piece on Rhyds latest entry

Son of Hel

So Rhyd wrote a new post on his personal Blog. Which, I will honestly say, I found by accident. I wasn’t looking for it or hunting stuff down. Literally just popped up. And it starts off like this:

I don’t normally do this, but unfortunately, it’s time.

I’m linking to a document that you really need to read. It’s a collection of words that I think will make you as nauseated and angry as I am.  How these people could possibly have thought we’d allow them to continue degrading and denigrating so many innocent people is beyond me.

I’m really sorry to be the person to point this out, but you really need to know these things. Follow the link–you’ll be really fucking angry too.

So I see this and I’m like, ‘Gods, what is he gonna do now?’ Because really, what reaction could I have at this point…

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Oklahoma Pagan Family Targeted

I feel this is something that needs to be watched closely.  One of the fears that I have with Trump, despite him being a flagrant fake, has the ability to do like what Hitler did and use the Christian religion as a means for fanning the flames of hatred across the country which means probable attacks against non-monotheistic religions.  You won’t see this breach of liberty reported on the news or in the religious freedom community, populated by Christians who feel persecuted.

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