Oh, Mr Branson!

I consider myself pretty much an environmentalist.  I recycle as much as possible, I try and buy stuff that is of post-consumer recycled stuff and I support those organizations that try and preserve what’s left of Nature.  However, when I see this shit from filthy rich corporate fat cats like Sir RIchard Branson I can’t help but laugh.  He, along with Tim Cook of Apple, are telling those who deny global warming to piss off in a way.  Well, let’s start with Apple that has it’s shit built over in China that has a sever lack of workers rights at these Apple plants to the point where Chinese Apple workers are committing suicide.  Enough said, Tim Cook, how about you fix the problems over there or else shut the fuck up!  Help humans have a better work environment before you start telling global warming deniers to drop your stock.

Now, Sir Richard Branson, what is this nonsense about global warming when you sure as hell aren’t positing any solutions!  7.1 million metric tons of CO2 are belched out of your fucking airlines and yet you have the audacity to tell global warming deniers to piss off?  Go to Hel you pompous blowhard!  How about taking the initiative instead of being a foul hypocrite!  Hop off that lofty saddle of indignation you have yourself on and come back down to Earth.  You have a boat load of money (or more adequately boat loads of money) to stuff into green projects.  Stop being an asshole and do something already!  Get your airlines greened up and then talk like the elitists you are, you corporate piece of shit!

I get sick and tired of these higher than thou CEOs who preach a good game, but rarely practice what they preach.  We need to start holding these idiots accountable for theirs words in comparison to their actions instead of cheerleading these fat headed freaks of nature who enjoy hearing the sound of their voices.

About Non-Aligned Politics

Husband, tech nerd, scifi nerd, political nerd, science nerd, Asatruar, second generation immigrant, I don't abide by political labels.

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