I Can Solve the Gay Marriage Issue

First, it must be up to individual states and when I mean states I mean the PEOPLE voting on gay marriage legislation in that state.  let’s face it, a true democracy is allowing the people to vote for things that they feel affect them.  My fathers country of Uruguay does this and it works to their benefit.  They are far more democratic and politically informed then we are despite how much we pride ourselves. When it comes to democracy and being informed we are pathetic.  If we were truly informed we wouldn’t have Obama as President, we’d have the political scales balanced and not be so much in debt.  So the gay marriage issue needs to be up to the people and not the government.  Period.

And second, when writing up the legislation to be voted on by the public it needs to included a clause that protects and allows religious based businesses and institutions from being penalized for denying marriage of gays in their worship and/or denying gays services for their marriage ceremony.  Eroding religious freedom for the freedoms of others is not freedom at all, but fascism.  We wouldn’t think twice if some moronic Neo-Nazi advocated eroding rights of blacks for more rights for white people.  We’d call it out for what it is: fascism.  What’s happening to religious based businesses by gays is fascism plain and simple.  There is NO skirting around this fact.  Considering that there are plenty of Liberal Churches, non-denominationals like the Unitarian Universalists that will perform gay marriages and plenty of secular bakeries and catering businesses that will see gay marriage as more income there is ZERO reason to attack the religious out there for following what they believe no matter how wrong we feel it may be.  This is America, not Fascist Italy.  So, please stop being a fascist.

This is a simple solution.  It may not make everyone happy, but it’s better than what is happening now.  In the end someone is still going to complain, but with this solution if gay marriage is legalized by the people the religious are protected indefinitely by the law they disagree with.  Hell, it might allow some religious to vote for the law despite being against gay marriage because it also benefits them as well.  That’s IF the law includes my protection clause for the religious.


About Non-Aligned Politics

Husband, tech nerd, scifi nerd, political nerd, science nerd, Asatruar, second generation immigrant, I don't abide by political labels.

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