Voice of the Voiceless

Is it to be considered ironic that a right of center man uses a line from a song from Leftist band Rage Against the Machine?  No, I don’t think so.  I think it speaks volumes of something that transcends political ideology and into the realm of natural rights.  We, the voiceless folk who aren’t heard by the elitists who wish only to be Lords over us, the serfs. But to say we are voiceless is an illusion because we have a voice that if vocalized in unison can overpower the voice of the truly meek, the politicians and the rest of the elitists out there.  To prove this point I point you towards history.  In my fathers country of Uruguay in South America, a military dictatorship took over to combat the Marxist terrorists that were running amok (in other words freedom was sacrificed for security).  The military dictatorship made dissidents disappear for 10 years and then one year, 1984, the people rose up with a mass general strike that shook the military dictatorship to its core and returned democracy and freedom back to the people.  The voice of the voiceless was heard.  That’s why I say that we the people being a voiceless crowd is an illusion.  There are too many instances in history that show the power of the people and that once we come together, unite against a common enemy we overcome them with an overwhelming force.

Now, the Federal Government can believe what it wants that increasing the size of government beyond its Constitutional means is in a way being Savior to the American people, but what they believe isn’t true.  The more they increase the more they abuse their new found power.  Look at how the Federal Government utilized the IRS to bully Tea Party/Conservative groups.  This is only the tip of a gigantic iceberg floating towards us if we don’t reverse course soon.  We’re already seeing the excessive militarization of the police that makes the Gestapo of Nazi Germany look tame in comparison.  It can try and usurp parental rights in order to cement their propaganda machine with the likes of Common Core, but eventually parents will realize how insidious this program is and they will revolt against it. All these things being done out in the open and the government believes we’ll let them Nanny us, but they are wrong, as always.  We want the freedom to choose what school our children go to, what religion to grow our spirituality, what food we want to consume, grow our food naturally and the freedom to choose our own path in life without having some looming and spooky government entity enticing us.  Most of us want to do for ourselves without help. The road may be rocky and tough on our own, but that’s the price of true individuality.  You can not and will never eradicate that individualistic aspect of humanity no matter how much propaganda you pump us with.  We will never be silent in the face of adversary and we will never lie down.  Our voice, the voice of liberty will always resound louder than the voice of the elites in power.  Liberty is the unconquerable soul of humanity and will always shine a bright light of hope even in the darkest of pits. Liberty will always win.

Never give up, never surrender!  This country is too precious to give up on.  No matter how rough the road is eventually we find the smooth surface if we simply just keep going. With hard work and willpower of steel we’ll get through this dark tunnel and out into the light again.  We are the UNITED People of America and we always stand strong like a wall against the agents of oppression.

About Non-Aligned Politics

Husband, tech nerd, scifi nerd, political nerd, science nerd, Asatruar, second generation immigrant, I don't abide by political labels.

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