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The Left vs. Right DIchotomy

Often times I find myself more or less trying to find a bridge between Left and Right.  While the Left has some whacky ideas such as nationalization of industries and redistribution of wealth they do have their valid points when it comes to certain individual freedoms.  Same can be said for the Right, though I abhor denying marriage rights to gays they d bring up valid points concerning the religious liberties of businesses owned by religious folks who don’t wish to partake in catering to what they consider sin.  Sounds stupid, but in a way it isn’t.  Would you really want to serve one of Hitlers henchmen if he walked in?  I sincerely doubt it due to the moral conflict that would be involved. So to those who cry nay at businesses who want to deny service to gay couples need to step out of their own shoes and into their oppositions shoes in order to understand.  Plus, capitalism is the biggest equalizer in that low revenue due to the businesses new policy would make them reverse their decision and become gay friendly.

While both sides view their ideology as the most righteous and the opposition the most corrupt, both sides who acquire that mentality are also delusional.  If either ideology was truly the paramount ideology than it would be perfect without question or doubt and the partisan division we see today would not exist.  There’s nothing more perilous to humanity than zealotry and the Left of the political aisle is becoming the Nazis they despise.  They goose step in formation to the drums and trumpets of their masters without a questioning soul.  As with each action there will always be an opposite reaction which means the Right will start to be come radicalized in order to counter the radical Left that has assumed power.  This is of course will lead to nothing good as we are seeing in the Ukraine.  So which will it be?  Civility or barbarity?  I hope the common sense that still flows in our veins will prevail over the coming years and that we reverse the current course to Hell we are heading.

This isn’t a plea in some Kumbyah way, but rather trying to encourage both sides to step back ad look at things from their opponents angle.  A 360 degree perspective is a far more better view than a 90 degree view.  More can be seen and understood that way while the other simply narrows the view of the human experience.  If we can understand each other than we can find the elusive middle ground in issues that affect all Americans.  If we swing to the extreme either way, freedom and liberty will die out.  That’s not some half assed guess it’s fact backed by history.

Letter Threatening GOP Sent to Local NJ Newspaper

West Deptford police investigating letter threatening GOP members blared across the front of the South Jersey Times on Wednesday highlighting an under-reported trend surfacing these days, threats against Republicans.  As the stereotype tends to go Republicans are the violence prone sycophant always at the ready to attack Democrats.  Seems like that’s the reality of the situation these days as more and more Democrats begin to express dismay at the anti-government attitudes of Republicans, well some Republicans.  Of course, such sentiments by Republicans is often seen as being racially motivated when in fact it’s a concern about a big intrusive government that spies on its citizens (remember when Democrats were against that during the Bush years?) with a leader that has no problem using Executive Orders like Kleenexes and the usurping of the Constitution. 

I think this needs to be brought forward into the limelight so people can see the damage that partisanship is causing this country.  It’s bringing forth a bunch of loons that have no problem espousing violent rhetoric in order to obtain political prominence.  I believe we saw this kind of mentality amongst the Nazis during their rise to power. This is what you get when you have a population manipulated by the Mainstream Media into believing the anti-Conservative propaganda they spew.  It’s time for Americans to unite regardless of their political ideology in the name of Freedom and Liberty and not this partisan nonsense.

I’ll end this post with this famous line, ““A house divided against itself cannot stand.”– Abraham Lincoln June 16, 1858

Today’s Male: Lacking in Honor

What is it withImage today’s male population?  From becoming metrosexual pansies who can’t commit to a relationship to the obtusely unromantic, self centered douche, males in the 21st Century are showing an increasing lack of honor and commitment, the polar opposite of what it takes to be a man these days.  While I don’t entirely believe the whole right-wing conspiracy theory that radical feminists are trying to mold men into feminized pansies, however it’s hard to ignore the current trend facing men these days.  Is it a radical feminist agenda?  Is it the communist attack on the bourgeois family unit?  Or is it simply the sign of an over indulgent culture nearing collapse?  I’m pretty sure the Roman Empire experience such a malaise prior to its absolute downfall.  When a culture, especially male culture, loses its sense of honor and duty it’s only a matter of time before it collapses.  Despite the much maligned idea of masculinity being stereotyped as the classical “wife beater”, which is a myth and is more along the lines of cowardice coupled with weak will-power which isn’t masculine at all, it has helped shape our world and history.  One of the virtues of masculinity is the courage to conquer obstacles.  Women possess it too much like the Celtic Warrior Queen Boudica who led an uprising against the Romans.  Another virtue is honor and if you strike a woman out of rage you have no honor, but if you stand up for a person being harassed in the streets by either a thug or police officer than you have honor.  Will power is another virtue that men, especially cheating men, lack these days.  If you can abstain from your base instincts that make you become a drunken slob or philandering douche-bag than you have a strong will power that is worthy of the being called masculine.

Of course, with all things, there are more virtues to expand upon, but those are the main ones.  Now as you saw at the beginning of this post there was a picture of the new “Bro App” which, “A new app makes it possible for a user to spend more time with his ‘bros’ by sending a ‘sweet’ automated message to their girlfriend.”  After reading about this all I can do is shake my head in dismay that this is what our unaffectionate society is heading towards.  It only takes…what….a few seconds of typing to say something to your girlfriend the same few seconds it takes you to open the app up, wait for it to load, select the message you want and press send?!  The absolute selfishness and cold take on romance these days is disgusting and dishonorable.  Without the heart, what is the purpose of the human experience?  Without love how can we conquer evil in the world?  If we become cold automatons slaves to our base instincts what is the purpose of calling ourselves humans anymore?

So the question is, are you man enough to control yourself from using technology to express concern for your significant other?  Are you man enough to abstain from cheating on your significant other when the going gets tough? Are you man enough to control your appetite for alcoholic indulgence that leaves you slobbering, drunken mess?

Well…..are you?

From Left to Right: Short Story of Transformation

Back when I was 18 I began getting into politics.  Though it was unfortunate I started off on the Left I did learn a lot about how the Left works and what it really wants as it’s utopia.  And when I say I was on the Left I mean I was a communist.  I joined the CPUSA in 2000 and then joined a Trotskyist group called the WIL (Workers International League).  Do I regret it?  Not really, because from it, like I said earlier, I learned a lot and gaining truth is not something to be ashamed about.  However, staying on the Left would be shameful because it neglects reality and the nature of humanity.  By the time I was 28 I began to realize this and gravitated towards the Right because the more I talked with a co-worker, who was a Conservative, the more I realized how grounded in reality Conservatism really is.  It’s not the stuffy, Puritanical composition we were told about.  It’s about conserving individual freedom to be what you want, to believe what you want without a bunch of busy bodies inserting themselves into your life.  Now, I know we have Conservatives who do the same, but they are also told by their peers that they are being hypocritical.  When Leftists don’t want their orthodoxy being challenged  you are called a Right wing nut job, racist, homophobic or whatever other non-constructive criticism.  Once again, there are Conservatives who do the same when challenged except they call you a Liberal if challenged.  You’ll find those types everywhere you go.  However, the peer review among Conservatives is a lot less alienating than among the Leftist circles.  Conservatism is more inclusive than exclusive despite what the Liberal MSM states.  As a pagan Conservative I’ve only had a few bumps in the road with fellow Conservatives but nothing that has damaged my experience.  In fact, it has only served to strengthened my resolve within Conservatism to bridge the gap between Pagan Conservatives and Christian/Jewish Conservatives.

As I stated earlier, at 28 I went to the Right, which for me was the Center, while having political discussions with a Conservative co-worker of mine.  By then the only thing I saw of Glenn Beck was a crying version of him touting his 9/12 Project.  I thought, “What the hell is with this crying man and why do people give a damn about what he says?”  I’ll didn’t look into him further and that I do regret because the wisdom I see today I wish I had witnessed at that pivotal point in my life. I became a fan of Glenn Beck after reading the Overton Window.  I saw it on a shelf at Walgreens and thought, “Hell, why not?  If I hate it, big deal, but what if I like it?”  So I bought it, read through it within a week.  I was astounded by it for the parallels between current events and what the book outlined.  Afterwards, I actually started watching Glenn Beck and had my mind thoroughly blown after watching past episodes of his show where he made certain predictions that had already come to pass by the time I watch him.  Amazed by this, I haven’t missed an episode since and went Right of Center and that’s where I remain.  I probably be aptly called Libertarian because I’m all for gay marriage as long as religious businesses and institutions are allowed to exempt themselves from partaking in something they feel is morally wrong.  No one should be forced by coercion of the state into performing or catering to something they feel is wrong.  That isn’t freedom, that’s fascism.

Though my story is less than amazing and is rather mediocre in comparison to others who went from radical Left to Right, but it’s still a story where someone escaped the vulturous grip of Leftism and found a bright light on the Right side of the political spectrum plus a new found respect and love for my country.  Love for country is something that didn’t exist when I was on the Left because it was nationalism and went against the internationalist ideal of communism.  I’m thankful for the Gods for pulling me to the Right and away from utopian naivete.  Ignorance is never blissful, it’s degrading of the human spirit.  That’s just not me.

I Can Solve the Gay Marriage Issue

First, it must be up to individual states and when I mean states I mean the PEOPLE voting on gay marriage legislation in that state.  let’s face it, a true democracy is allowing the people to vote for things that they feel affect them.  My fathers country of Uruguay does this and it works to their benefit.  They are far more democratic and politically informed then we are despite how much we pride ourselves. When it comes to democracy and being informed we are pathetic.  If we were truly informed we wouldn’t have Obama as President, we’d have the political scales balanced and not be so much in debt.  So the gay marriage issue needs to be up to the people and not the government.  Period.

And second, when writing up the legislation to be voted on by the public it needs to included a clause that protects and allows religious based businesses and institutions from being penalized for denying marriage of gays in their worship and/or denying gays services for their marriage ceremony.  Eroding religious freedom for the freedoms of others is not freedom at all, but fascism.  We wouldn’t think twice if some moronic Neo-Nazi advocated eroding rights of blacks for more rights for white people.  We’d call it out for what it is: fascism.  What’s happening to religious based businesses by gays is fascism plain and simple.  There is NO skirting around this fact.  Considering that there are plenty of Liberal Churches, non-denominationals like the Unitarian Universalists that will perform gay marriages and plenty of secular bakeries and catering businesses that will see gay marriage as more income there is ZERO reason to attack the religious out there for following what they believe no matter how wrong we feel it may be.  This is America, not Fascist Italy.  So, please stop being a fascist.

This is a simple solution.  It may not make everyone happy, but it’s better than what is happening now.  In the end someone is still going to complain, but with this solution if gay marriage is legalized by the people the religious are protected indefinitely by the law they disagree with.  Hell, it might allow some religious to vote for the law despite being against gay marriage because it also benefits them as well.  That’s IF the law includes my protection clause for the religious.

Having Hours Cut is a Plus?

Yeah, great I have more time to spend at home, BUT there’s also a cut in pay!  How can the people who state this, like Kirsten Powers of the Daily Beast?  They can say this because they don’t live paycheck to paycheck like the rest of us and plus they want to remain in denial of the failure of ObamaCare.  These folks need a reality check by living the regular folks life instead of their privileged One-Percenter lifestyle of leisure.  We Americans need full-time jobs, not part-time.  We need the entirety of our paychecks, not part of it.  If the Liberals who feel this whole thing is a plus, please put your money where your mouth is and give up a part of your income, a part of your job hours then or else come to grips with the hypocrisy you perpetuate.


Thank you.

Conservative Pagans

This is kind of an addendum to Voice of the Voiceless.

Recently, I’ve attempted to reach out to two Conservative personalities that I respect despite their anti-pagan stance they seemingly have.  They are Ann Barnhardt, known mostly for her bacon as bookmarks in the Koran and Glenn Beck.  It was part of my attempt to bridge this ridiculous gap between conservative Pagans and conservative Christians.  We need to bridge this gap in order to take back our country from the grips of the vulture Left.  So that should answer the question as to why I would bother.  Our country and its values weigh more than our personal beliefs.  It is precisely because of our country and our values that allow Christians and Pagans to coexist next to each other without us acting like the Islamic zealots in the MidEast who lob off the heads of Christians.  So, if we are to preserve our country and our Constitution then it’s going to take all of us regardless of faith who love freedom and our country.

With that I’m left to say that if Ann Barnhardt and Glenn Beck can’t take my proposition seriously then it’s their problem not mine.  I’ve tried and now I have to trudge to do my part as much as possible.  One of those things is my working on the Right Hit website that will be geared towards conservative minded regular everyday folk who want to voice their opinions through writing, audio and/or video.  We need more websites like this that doesn’t simply just allow already situated talking heads, but also the common folk.  We are the true power no matter what the elitists on both sides say.





Jobs Americans Don’t Want to Do

Every American should be offended by the title of this entry.  Basically, this is stating that Americans are lazy slobs who won’t take the reigns of responsibility and do what is needed to maintain the financial contribution to their families.  Personally, one of the jobs the Democrats and some Republicans say that we Americans don’t want to do, I’d rather be a farmhand as opposed to a graphic designer.  That’s me, I love the outdoors and manual labor, but because of the demand for guest workers it’s a pain to get such a job in South Jersey.  Americans want to work and we’ll take any job just to get by these days so the lie being perpetuated by mostly the Democrat party is a lie simply to pass their ridiculous amnesty law.  Democrats and some Republicans function not on facts, but lies to further their ill conceived agenda.  Americans are willing to get down and dirty just to earn a buck.  That spirit still lives in America no matter what the anti-American elitists on both sides of the aisle state.  We have to push the fact that we want any job ourselves because the oligarchs aren’t going to listen.  We need to start applying en masse for farmhand jobs and whatever other job that the elitist scumbags say we don’t want to do.  We have to grab the reigns of responsibility and steer our own destinies.  We are Americans, not lazy slobs.

Voice of the Voiceless

Is it to be considered ironic that a right of center man uses a line from a song from Leftist band Rage Against the Machine?  No, I don’t think so.  I think it speaks volumes of something that transcends political ideology and into the realm of natural rights.  We, the voiceless folk who aren’t heard by the elitists who wish only to be Lords over us, the serfs. But to say we are voiceless is an illusion because we have a voice that if vocalized in unison can overpower the voice of the truly meek, the politicians and the rest of the elitists out there.  To prove this point I point you towards history.  In my fathers country of Uruguay in South America, a military dictatorship took over to combat the Marxist terrorists that were running amok (in other words freedom was sacrificed for security).  The military dictatorship made dissidents disappear for 10 years and then one year, 1984, the people rose up with a mass general strike that shook the military dictatorship to its core and returned democracy and freedom back to the people.  The voice of the voiceless was heard.  That’s why I say that we the people being a voiceless crowd is an illusion.  There are too many instances in history that show the power of the people and that once we come together, unite against a common enemy we overcome them with an overwhelming force.

Now, the Federal Government can believe what it wants that increasing the size of government beyond its Constitutional means is in a way being Savior to the American people, but what they believe isn’t true.  The more they increase the more they abuse their new found power.  Look at how the Federal Government utilized the IRS to bully Tea Party/Conservative groups.  This is only the tip of a gigantic iceberg floating towards us if we don’t reverse course soon.  We’re already seeing the excessive militarization of the police that makes the Gestapo of Nazi Germany look tame in comparison.  It can try and usurp parental rights in order to cement their propaganda machine with the likes of Common Core, but eventually parents will realize how insidious this program is and they will revolt against it. All these things being done out in the open and the government believes we’ll let them Nanny us, but they are wrong, as always.  We want the freedom to choose what school our children go to, what religion to grow our spirituality, what food we want to consume, grow our food naturally and the freedom to choose our own path in life without having some looming and spooky government entity enticing us.  Most of us want to do for ourselves without help. The road may be rocky and tough on our own, but that’s the price of true individuality.  You can not and will never eradicate that individualistic aspect of humanity no matter how much propaganda you pump us with.  We will never be silent in the face of adversary and we will never lie down.  Our voice, the voice of liberty will always resound louder than the voice of the elites in power.  Liberty is the unconquerable soul of humanity and will always shine a bright light of hope even in the darkest of pits. Liberty will always win.

Never give up, never surrender!  This country is too precious to give up on.  No matter how rough the road is eventually we find the smooth surface if we simply just keep going. With hard work and willpower of steel we’ll get through this dark tunnel and out into the light again.  We are the UNITED People of America and we always stand strong like a wall against the agents of oppression.

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