Oprah Winfrey

 “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

I’m not a big fan of racists of any color.  I find them reprehensible and disgusting, but they have that freedom to be disgusting creatures.  And also, I’m not one to believe that racism will simply die off when those who were “marinated” in it pass away.  It’s not that simple.  David Duke and Louis Farakhan are idols to many racist Americans, black and white.  I do hope that Oprah wasn’t just simply speaking of white racists, but also of racists within her race.  I’m sure she wasn’t though.  She’s mostly likely one of these jackasses that believe ONLY white folks can be racist.

The sickening play on the race card is prevalent on both sides of the wretched political aisle and it should be condemned by anyone who gives a damn about the human race.  We should be condemning those who bring up race considering we’re told constantly that race isn’t important but somehow in someway the Liberals can make sure it’s brought up everywhere when there’s an attack on their platform whether it’s welfare (it’s racist to assume ONLY blacks are on welfare, I’ve known whites on welfare as well) to immigration to healthcare (whites too can’t afford healthcare, proper healthcare so how is it primarily a black thing). I condemn Oprah for her blatant race baiting.  I guess since she’s a retired (washed up) Talk Show Host she needs to keep her face plastered across our screens for whatever reason.

Racism will end when we make race an unimportant aspect of life much akin to how hair color is treated by folks.  Racism will end when we teach kids that our difference in skin color is due to evolution in different parts of the world. Racism will end when people stop being stupid about it, stop mentioning it like a badge of honor.  Race doesn’t exist except in the minds of the ignorant.


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Husband, tech nerd, scifi nerd, political nerd, science nerd, Asatruar, second generation immigrant, I don't abide by political labels.

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