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The Evilness of Socialist Appeal

Much is to be said about socialist and the dangers it poses, as shown to us by history over and over again, but one can not ignore the absolute ignorance to history that many of these socialist groups hold.  One of them comes to mind is Socialist Appeal, which is the publication organ of the Workers International League ( aTrotskyist based socialist organization), which many of it’s members regard Trotsky as the saviour of communism in the same religious zeal Christians have for Jesus.  Not only do they have this zeal and ignorance of history, but they also twist history of socialism to suit their means and call anything that goes against the grain of their current beliefs as revisionism and capitalist propaganda.  If that doesn’t make these folks seem heinous enough it is their undying support of Venezuela and it’s failed socialist program, which as we speak is degrading into the same Stalinist dictatorship that Trotskyists despise.  They ignore the obvious evilness that Chavez and Maduro indulge in to bring about THEIR vision of a socialist utopia in order to prop their highly held faith that socialism can’t fail.  As history has taught us that socialism does and will always fail because it lacks any common sense planning.  It goes from point A to point C without any thought of how to properly go to point B first.  The basic understanding of economics and how to create a sustainable system are lost to socialists because they would have to admit that a socialist economy can not and will never work.  It is the basis of why China and many other surviving socialist nations have switched to market socialism it’s the only way that they can survive.  If they stuck with an orthodox socialist economy then those nations would’ve collapses ages ago.

There is a reason why no true socialist nation exists today because it doesn’t work.  It negates certain variables such as market forces, individual human beings and their wants, and how to maintain the dynamics of a successful economy.  Though capitalism has a bad rep these days it is still the most thought system that improves with the times and generates surplus wealth for people thus providing a better standard of living for people.  Socialism has yet to even produce a better standard of living for people and continually blaming it on capitalism is more than truth denial and a facade to escape the responsibility that socialists have in admitting their faults in their silly ideology.

Speaking of facades, the main facade that entices people to socialism is the idea of a ‘workers government’.  Sounds awesome, but the reality is that it will never happen because once the elitists of the socialist organizations have their grubby hands on power they’ll rule IN THE NAME of the worker, but without letting the workers have any power whatsoever because workers aren’t ideologically homogenous.  No, in fact there are workers who have Leftist to Right Wing views with Libertarianism thrown in between the cracks.  So to give workers power would also giving those who are your ideological opponents power as well, which is something socialists will never do.  No matter their claim to tolerance they truly have no tolerance for outside thinking.  They’ll lambast and chastise you for your beliefs until you leave their cadre.  That is the true face of socialism, an intolerant system that seeks sublimation of ALL people to the will of the so-called Workers State.

So whenever you encounter a socialist and get a whiff of bullshit you haven’t stepped in doggie landmines, it’s just the elitist, hipster spiel of the socialist thinking they are morally superior to you.  Just remember the facts, they aren’t morally superior and wouldn’t even know the meaning of it because forcing people into a system isn’t moral much akin to forcing socialists into a capitalist system (hence I’m all in favor of communes based of ideologies) and their ignorance is much to grieve about when it comes to socialists.  Never hate them, just feel sorry for them.  They need it.

War on Christmas 2013, Let It Commence

It hasn’t begun yet, this war on Christmas, but we can expect it to flare up at any time now.  Might be a little delayed, much like the holiday shopping season, due to the placement of Thanksgiving this year.  However, I don’t believe for a second that the anti-Christmas grinches out there aren’t gearing up to be offended at the drop of a pin.  You can probably expect the billboards put up by the American Atheist group or whomever else wants to be a Holiday Spoiler.  I personally see no point in being offended by the simple holiday time salutation of “Merry Christmas” even though I’m not Christian.  Why should a wish of merriment on a holy day be grounds for being offended?  Simply put, those who get offended are either thin skinned pansies or drama seekers who can’t stand merriment at all.  I’m willing to bet, however, that it’s a combination of both.

Christians, I advise that you put up your Nativity scenes with a huge freakin’ spotlight directed on it for night viewing.  Also, hang banners saying, “Merry Christmas to ALL!!” in huge, vibrantly colored letters for everyone to take notice of.  Don’t be shy and don’t back down!  If you back down and capitulate then you are letting the grinches win and that can’t be forgiven.  To back down from adversity is an affront to your Savior.  Did He back down?  I don’t believe so.  And plus, don’t be offended by X-Mas.  X has its roots in the Greek word for Christ.  Back when the Romans converted to Christianity, the symbols XP (Chi Rho an early christogram) were put on their shields.  So in reality, foreshortening Christ in Christmas to an X isn’t really eliminating Christ at all.  People are just lazy.  That’s all.

I can’t quite grasp the general reasoning and logic behind the supposed offense that some get during the holiday season.  I think it’s ridiculous and a show of poor character.  This is supposed to be a time when we get together with family, thankful that we’ve lasted another year and that a new year and new beginnings are about to begin.  We also, unknowingly, celebrate the return of Light and Life by our placement of Christmas lights on the the evergreen tree.  Since Christmas takes place around the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice (Yule), which in turn each consecutive day starts to become longer.  So those atheists who simply want to celebrate life should do just that and leave the Christians and other religious folk alone.  Haven’t you anything better and rational to do with your time?

So, from now one I’ll keep track of all the anti-Christmas lunacy that is sure to abound in the coming weeks and I’ll blog them with my own snarky commentary.

God(s) Bless!

Where Are You Oprah on the Knock Out Game?

There’s a diabolical new racist game being played out not by white people, the supposedly most notorious for being racists(sarcasm), but by black people. All targets have been non-blacks who we reminding their business and some have even died. However, due to the increase in this disturbing racist trend not a word has been heard from the lips of Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama and everyone’s favorite racial rabble rouser Oprah Winfrey. I just find it amusing how Oprah spews forth the venom she has towards racists but yet didn’t take into consideration the racists within her race. They’re quite abundant in reality and also very homophobic.

Before the self righteous, elitist black community tries to school whites on tolerance perhaps they should first focus on themselves by first destroying the all too accepted thug culture that ruins the lives of too many black youths. Why doesn’t anyone ask why isn’t there more blacks interested in science? Why isn’t there any discouragement of them following a stereotype such as the basketball player and musician star? Is that all they consider themselves? Entertainers and not thinkers? There need to be more Neil DeGrasse Tysons and less Kanye Wests. Only then will the perpetual fear and stereotype that whites regard blacks as will end. Fix yourselves before you tell white folks to fix themselves. Fix your broken community and families because the government isn’t going to do it for you.

So as a virtual race war rages in this country those who supposedly care expose that they really don’t by turning a blind eye to the problem. They become part of the problem by not addressing it and exposing themselves for the shameless racists that they are. Philly Mayor Michael Nutter and Bill Cosby have exposed the awful truth, but too many blacks ignore it. The bleeding heart Liberal has tried but only to turn into white guilt ridden pansies in the process. They place the blame solely on whites while it’s the fault of every person alive today. We the American people are to blame for the shambles our race relations are today. We make race into an idol that’s worshiped daily instead of acknowledging that we aren’t all that different due. We are all of the same DNA and this can be seen via multiracial folks out there.

Oprah Winfrey

 “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

I’m not a big fan of racists of any color.  I find them reprehensible and disgusting, but they have that freedom to be disgusting creatures.  And also, I’m not one to believe that racism will simply die off when those who were “marinated” in it pass away.  It’s not that simple.  David Duke and Louis Farakhan are idols to many racist Americans, black and white.  I do hope that Oprah wasn’t just simply speaking of white racists, but also of racists within her race.  I’m sure she wasn’t though.  She’s mostly likely one of these jackasses that believe ONLY white folks can be racist.

The sickening play on the race card is prevalent on both sides of the wretched political aisle and it should be condemned by anyone who gives a damn about the human race.  We should be condemning those who bring up race considering we’re told constantly that race isn’t important but somehow in someway the Liberals can make sure it’s brought up everywhere when there’s an attack on their platform whether it’s welfare (it’s racist to assume ONLY blacks are on welfare, I’ve known whites on welfare as well) to immigration to healthcare (whites too can’t afford healthcare, proper healthcare so how is it primarily a black thing). I condemn Oprah for her blatant race baiting.  I guess since she’s a retired (washed up) Talk Show Host she needs to keep her face plastered across our screens for whatever reason.

Racism will end when we make race an unimportant aspect of life much akin to how hair color is treated by folks.  Racism will end when we teach kids that our difference in skin color is due to evolution in different parts of the world. Racism will end when people stop being stupid about it, stop mentioning it like a badge of honor.  Race doesn’t exist except in the minds of the ignorant.

Election Night

So, it’s the night of nights where the political junkies like myself indulge in their version of the Superbowl awaiting the results of diving into their civic duty of voting.  Today, I voted for the first time a Third party Candidate for such a major position for Governor.  I figure a) Chris Christie is going to win anyways and b) it’s high time I voted for Third Party.  The Third Party candidate in question was Libertarian Ken Kaplan.  I mean, why not?  Why not break the mould and vote for someone who has principle as opposed to someone without like Chris Christie and Barbara Buono.  However, the rest I voted straight down Republican since I had no clue who, if there were any, the Third Party candidates were.  I voted No on Question 2 which was the amending of the NJ state constitution to force businesses to pay minimum wage. So, I’m curious as to the destiny of this Public Question.  I’m sure it’ll pass though.  That’s how this state of New Jersey is.

In Virginia, the race for governor is between Cuccinelli and McAuliffe.  That should be an interesting contest as well.  At the time of this writing Cuccinelli is in the lead with 54.65% and McAuliffe with 37.17.  It’s not over yet, though so it can swing drastically in favor of McAuliffe.

Middlesex County in New Jersey shows a tight race between Christie (5,589) and Buono (5,041).  Buono is from Metuchen, which is in Middlesex County, and has represented the 18th District (East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Metuchen, South Plainfield, South RIver and Spotswood) in the State Senate since 2002. Like with any election it could swing dramatically from one candidate to the other.

Back to Virginia, the precinct reporting are 20% with Cuccinelli still in the lead with 52.38% and McAuliffe with 39.97%.  Quite amazing watching the numbers ebb and flow like a tide in a lake.  Love it or hate it, it is fun to watch our system of government at play on Election Day.

DeBlasio is a joke, so to even waste time on this communist is worthless.  That’s my reason for not even bothering with this Mad Hatter of a politician.  I figure if you think that Bloomberg was bad with his attempt at Draconian Laws against soft drinks I don’t believe you’ve seen anything yet once this jackboot communist DeBlasio steps to the seat of power in NYC.

To those who voted in favor of minimum wage in New Jersey, when you see jobs leaving the state and/or the prices of commodities and other goods going up, blame yourselves because this is what happens when you go with emotion rather than logic.  This is the legacy that minimum wage produces.  Just mark this day on your calendar and remember, remember the 5th of November where Liberals and Socialists voted via their emotions and not logic.

In New Jersey there’s a lot of talk about this election being possibly historic with Christie theoretically getting about 50% or more of the votes.  I doubt this will happen because he has simply pissed off a lot of people ranging from teachers unions to even the GOP.  And with his backing down on gay marriage he’ll probably lose a lot of the Conservative vote despite him recently stating he’s a Conservative, not a moderate.  I could be wrong, but I just don’t see it being a historical day.

The issue of secession is being toyed with by the more rural areas of Colorado with even a county wanting to join Wyoming due to the city Liberal elite and their heavy handed approach of governing in Colorado.  This will be interesting despite the fact nothing will probably happen it’s simply the principle of the matter that will be important.  Stating simply that people are so damn tired of the tyrannical zeal of the Liberals that they would rather become a separate entity altogether rather than deal with the crappy hand they were delivered.

Back in Virginia with 32% of the precincts reporting in Cuccinelli is at 51.05% and McAuliffe is at 41.57%.  Pretty tight race, but still too hard to call yet.

CNN Just declared Christie the winner, no surprise there.  Polls closed, bitches!  Let’s see how this all goes!

The idea of Chris Christie running for President in 2016 just seems ludicrous and desperate in my opinion.

Associated Press is saying Chris Christie Crushes Barbara Buono.  Funny, wonder if that was a jab at Christies girth.  Like I’ve stated, not surprising that he won.  Now I’m wondering by how much.  Will it be historic or hype?

In other NJ election news, Sweeney looks like he’ll win again for State Senate with 1,954 votes, so far, over Niki Trunk who has 1,309 at this time.

With 45% of precincts reporting in in Virginia, it might be safe to say that Cuccinelli has Virginia in his grasp with 50.05% and McAuliffe at 42.62% of the votes.

Far, far away in a Land known as Virginia 56% precincts are reporting in with Cuccinelli down to 49.05% and McAuliffe up at 43.69%.

I guess for Christie to argue with public teachers during a campaign stop in Somers Point and still win just shows how much of a bunch of assholes us New Jerseyians are.  “Hey, fuck it, he says some crazy shit and yells at people, but man he’s one of us!”  Be an asshole and you too can be a Governor!

LIVE UPDATES on are annoying at best with some counties not even showing up yet.  I wish it was setup like they usually are for Presidential Elections.

Have to wonder how Christie won a die-hard Blue State when he’s been a bully towards teachers unions.  Was it his rubbing elbows with Obama after Hurricane Sandy and snubbing of Romney?  Or something else?  Maybe the unaffiliated, who outnumber the Republicans and Democrats, are simply swinging Right?  Who knows.  Maybe we’ll see Christie unleash his girth like a Sumo Wrestler in the coming years.

Hey VA!  With 68% of the precincts reporting, Cuccinelli 47.52% and McAuliffe 45.22%…damned dead heat.  I think Cuccinelli will still win with a point ahead and no more.

Well, I’m bored of this.  Goodnight and good luck, America!

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