Of Cowardice, the Liberal Mindset

I have never been one to believe that Liberals are brave souls, but rather that they are indeed a bunch of cowards.  From their constant yelling down anyone who disagrees with them to calling their opponents ‘racists’, ‘homophobes’ and whatever other argumentum ad hominems they have for those who have contradictory views points to a coward mindset.  Why else would you not engage in civil discussion if they were truly tolerant and weren’t a coward?  How does that make them cowardly, you might ask?  Well, it’s simple, any logical counter argument against what they’ve held near and dear might make them actually think and thinking is scary to your run-of-the-mill Liberal.  Within that process of thinking are the seeds of doubt and once doubt sets in their future self might not be a Liberal anymore.  To be honest, that is frightening, who wants to be a crass, backwards thinking Neanderthal?  That, however, is what the Liberal elite breast feeds to their brethren in order to scare them into complacency.

However, this is not the only area in which Liberals show their cowardice.  In their endeavor to not offend anyone, unless it’s Christians then it’s all out war, they employ politically correct (modern Newspeak) terms to convey something that can be easily said in simple terms.  For exmaple, “A white American man of Italian descent who is a bit slow wants to become a woman.” becomes “An Italian-American male who is mentally challenged suffering from gender dysphoria wants gender reorientation surgery.”  The politically correct statement becomes ridiculously wordy in order to NOT offend a person.  But when it comes to Christians, as I’ve touched on earlier, it’s okay to offend them with horrid art that requires urinating or defecating on religious icons.  That’s fine!  However, you will NEVER see them offend Muslims in any way.  Another example is more anecdotal considering it’s a conversation I overheard at work.  One journalist was exclaiming how awesome it would be to see a fight between Thor and Jesus with Jesus being beaten down.  Now, I being of Asatru faith would probably agree, but why would a God fight a demi-god is beyond me.  Besides, Thor is not an asshole.  But I digress!  Why did it have to be Jesus? Why not Mohammed?  Why not Lord Buddha?  Why not Ganesh?  Because those would elicit that, within the Liberal circle, he was being intolerant and insensitive to the more ‘downtrodden’ religions.  I would be inclined to agree if it weren’t for the obvious, malicious bias and anti-Christian hate emanating from the two Liberal participants in the conversation.  In short, they were being cowards by using a religion which has no teeth in our society and no protection from criticism, like everything should have in a more reasonable society.  Liberals pick on Christianity because they are cowards whether due to fear from reprisals from Muslims or being called out by their Liberal peers.

Liberals may fool people with their faux moral compass, but to someone who has been on the Left and seen the venom and hate that comes from this portion of the political spectrum it is by far a smoke and mirrors game for them.  This is not to say that the Right doesn’t have it’s pitiful, hateful minions, but Liberals are more apt to pass themselves off as ‘compassionate’ and ‘tolerant’  when in fact they aren’t.  The Right side of the spectrum tends to be a bit more truthful in this respect.  If the demi-god status of Ayn Rand doesn’t reflect this then the viewer must be blind as a bat or in absolute denial.  Liberals will either pick fights they can’t win and scream at you with a volley of epithets or damn you with being a ‘racist’, ‘homophobic, ‘islamophobe’ backwards, intolerant Neanderthal.  When logic enters the discussion this is their ticket out of admitting that a Conservative may have a point.  They shrivel into their cowardly shells and admit nothing.  The best any opponent can do is simply be kind.  Don’t react with anger and hate, but with kindness.  And some logic.


About Non-Aligned Politics

Husband, tech nerd, scifi nerd, political nerd, science nerd, Asatruar, second generation immigrant, I don't abide by political labels.

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