Racial Hypocrisy in America

In America, we have a race problem that is exasperated by mostly the Progressive elite in the halls of government.  The Progressives allow Black nationalism and other minority racial nationalism to proliferate our society, but a white nationalist is condemned for the same exact words the Black Nationalist utter.  Now, I’m not a big fan of ANY racial nationalism, but I’m also very impartial to hypocrisy.  I believe, in the name of fairness, that if you are to condemn white nationalism that you have to condemn black nationalism, Hispanic nationalism, and whatever other crazy racial nationalism is out there.  How can you try and suppress one racial nationalism while applauding the other?  Empowerment?  This is not empowerment especially when it trains the persons mind to be an intolerant fool.  You empower via ignorance and hatred.  You can ONLY empower a person via love and understanding.  The Progressives are the main culprit in allowing this plague of minority based racial nationalism to spread culminating in racist attacks against whites and against other minority races.  They tend to the entitlement and victim mentality they have successfully instilled in the minds of minorities that they deserve to vent their frustration in the form of violence.  However, they won’t admit it outright it’s their silence on the matter of black on white hate crimes that betray their thoughts on the matter.

While we’re on the issue of empowerment.  I believe empowering people is a good thing and the black community definitely needs it.  Why should they settle for getting into a profession that is a stereotype such as basketball player, rapper and whatever else?  Why can’t they be engineers, lawyers, doctors, scientists and astronauts?  However, no one, not even the President, has done a great job empowering the black community to be MORE than a damn stereotype!  The fact is they have ability to be more than an entertainer and a sports star.  They CAN be scientists, doctors and anything that they truly love.  So where’s the vociferous empowering by our political leaders who supposedly care about the black community?  The problem is the Progressives DON’T care about the person, but about the vote they will squeeze out of that person.  The Progressives can tell a lie like, “You’re oppressed and we will help you rise up out of the depths of poverty!”, the black community will accept it and nothing will happen.  And when it doesn’t happen the Progressives will blame the Conservatives and promise that if they are re-elected they’ll fight harder.  A vicious circle is spun like a web to capture the downtrodden into false hope.  Blacks need true empowerment that is free of Progressive selfishness and racialist garbage that the New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam try to perpetuate.  Conservatives freed blacks back in the 1860’s, desegregated schools in the 1950’s and now the Conservatives need to empower the black community with true hope.

I’ve already mentioned a few times something about stereotypes.  Racial stereotypes are presented for ALL races everyday. Sports teams such as the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins offer racial stereotypes as their logo, but I see more people complaining about the Washington Redskins than about the Minnesota Vikings.  Why is that?  Why aren’t both considered foul?  Why do people pick and choose what is an offensive stereotype?  I’m of both Scandinavian and American Indian descent and neither bother me the slightest.  Perhaps, it’s because my skin is so thin as to allow silly logos get the best of my emotions.  Any stereotyping of blacks in shows and movies are shunned while the stereotyping of whites is accepted and even applauded.  Same goes for jokes where jokes about white people are funny while jokes about blacks are considered racist and insensitive.  This all amounts to nothing more than hypocrisy.  We either tolerate both or none, not have this idea that one is okay while the other is evil.  It simply isn’t, as the Progressives pound into our skulls daily about, fair.

Perhaps the most nefarious of all racial hypocrisies are the crime based ones.  When Trayvon Martin was murdered by wannabe cop George Zimmerman we were assaulted daily by this crime.  At first George was stated as a “white man” but despite the correction that he’s half Hispanic the worm of him being white was already wiggling into the ears of black America.  When George Zimmerman was acquitted news about black on white attacks in retribution for Trayvon Martin was under-reported.  Also what was under-reported by the mainstream media was the murder of a Autumn Pasquale in NJ by two black kids.  Of course, every excuse in the book was given as to why these two black youths would kill this girl from their upbringing to having special needs.  What’s different is that the trial for Autumn Pasquales murderers was brief with one of the kids getting 17 years in prison with 14 years for good behavior.  Where are the retribution attacks on blacks by whites for a verdict that should have been life?  There were none and there will be none.  Instead, the only retribution was a park being renamed after Autumn.

The acknowledgment of racism from minorities towards white is met by the most ridiculous belief, that Progressives hold as a counter argument, that because minorities aren’t part of the power structure it’s impossible for minorities to be racist. However, when it comes to minorities they have MORE power these days than whites.  A minority can yell epithets at a white person and no sympathy for the victim(s) are given, but a white person utters a racial epithet to any minority and calls for blood are howled to the moon.  Lets not forget Affirmative Action, where quotas for company hiring based on race not skills, and threats of race based lawsuits for small “infractions” by whites such as giving orders to a minority employee and them not following said order only to be fired afterwards which then results in a lawsuit based on anecdotal evidence that the firing was based on race.  To say minorities don’t have power these days is false and the Progressives only use this excuse that minorities have no power as a way to veil their hypocrisy concerning racism.

Race is such a big divider in this country when it shouldn’t be, but Progressives allow it to happen while preaching about equality and tolerance.  I can’t fault the minority for believing it’s okay to be a racist thug when they have their masters nudging them along saying it’s a good thing.  The Progressives don’t care about minorities and their lives, but rather keeping them enslaved so as to vote for the Progressives each year.  Minorities have more to offer this country than simply votes.  They can contribute to our culture, to science and to our society greatly.  What holds them down are the Progressives and it will be the minorities who will need to cast the chains of Progressive oppression off their shoulders.

About Non-Aligned Politics

Husband, tech nerd, scifi nerd, political nerd, science nerd, Asatruar, second generation immigrant, I don't abide by political labels.

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