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Blessed Samhain!

Well, today is the day where the veil thins between the worlds and people masquerade as beings or people they aren’t. Plus, it’s also the day where Glenn Beck has Edgar Allan Poe readings on his show and Nightmare on Elm Street marathon plays on SyFy. What a great day! Today I get to go to work dressed in something irregular for me, a medieval plague doctor! I seriously can’t wait it’s been awhile since we’ve had a Halloween dress-up at work due to layoffs and other depressing issues that have plagued my work.

This entry is not going to be a lecture on the pagan roots of Halloween and how it should be honored as such. Googling ‘Samhain’ will take care of that. I’m focusing on the fun of Halloween and how it’s not just for kids, it’s for everyone! People should get into the spirit by decorating with grotesque pieces and play tricks on friends and family. We need this because of the frustrations that both Conservatives and Liberals feel today. We need to the the veil between us all who care about Liberty, Freedom and the Constitution. Yes, I believe there are moderate Liberals whO do care about those things as well, they just have their voices drowned out by the radicals that infest their party.

So today, forget politics, remember our ancestors, think about the future and have fun! Blessed SamHain and Happy Halloween!


Amnesty, A Slap in the Face of Legal Immigrants

My father is an immigrant from the beautiful country of Uruguay in South America (east of Argentina and south of Brazil just for you geographically challenged folk out there).  He came here in the mid-70’s and went about the path to citizenship the legal way.  You know gaining the whole resident alien status, that was the butt of a joke when I asked if aliens existed.  After two decades he became a full fledged citizen of the United States of America in the late 90’s.  He did it the right way.  Now, today, we have these Liberals and spineless RINO’s who want to pretty much slap every legal immigrant in the face with this absurd amnesty bill.  Where’s the fairness and political correctness in this?  Why should those that have broken the law be rewarded with an easier path to citizenship?

It’s sad that there is only a few voices out there who have the mental capability to point out how unfair this is to legal immigrants.  The Left always focus on fairness for the illegal immigrants, but never on the fairness of legal immigrants.  It only speaks volumes of how the Left is seeking only to use something that has destroyed many great nations to it’s advantage: porous borders and outright invasion.  The Roman Empire fell due to it’s own porous borders and the lack of assimilating those who were foreign to Roman soil.  It eventually contributed to it’s downfall.  Either the Left really have no clue about history or they know their history and how to wield it as a weapon against that which it loathes.

I don’t believe any explanation from the Left will be adequate enough to gain a foothold in understanding why they have absolutely no remorse for insulting legal immigrants with this mad man’s game of amnesty.  It means an upheaval between races especially between the black and Latino communities.  I must ask again if this is what the Left wants, an upheaval that they can take advantage of in order to grab absolute power from the People in the name of the People?  I can only theorize and as always I leave room for error because I’m certainly no Nostradamus, but knowing how the Left have historically taken advantage of chaos in order to spread their ideas and gain power.  I guess time will tell.  For now, though, lets curb this amnesty nonsense.  It’s unfair to legal immigrants who had taken the time to travel the path to citizenship.

Reconciling Differences

Ever since I swung to the Center I’ve made it my mission to reconcile issues between us pagans and the Christian/Jewish community.  The history between all three faiths has been tense and bloody whether it were pagans brutalizing Christian and Jews or Christians brutalizing pagans and Jews and so forth.  Christians and Jews have reconciled their past differences and Christians were forgiven for their past actions that resulted in deaths of Jews.  They are now a united front against the Muslim incursion into Western civilization.  I figure since it was the Popes job to put things into motion between Christians and Jews that it is my job to attempt to open the lines of communication between the Christians and Jews and the Pagans in order to fix our ailing society.  Ultimately, what happens in this country doesn’t just affect them but also those of us who aren’t of the Judeo-Christian faith.  If the Judeo-Christian faith is destroyed by militant Muslims or militant atheists that we are next on the chopping block and I use that as a literal term.  

I believe in preserving the Judeo-Christian culture this country was founded on that has evolved to allow us heathens to practice openly our religion all due in part to the Constitution of the United States of America.  The militant Muslims and militant atheists want eradicate ALL opposing beliefs because it doesn’t mesh with their worldview, so for us pagans who taunt Christians need to recognize that we need them just like they need us.  Why on Midgard would they need us?  Simple, we are the other side of the checks and balances that keeps them from engaging in bloody sectarian squabbles such as a theoretical war between Catholics and Protestants.  With our freedom maintained to practice our pagan faiths the freedom to be Catholic among many other Christian sects is maintained as well.  We’re all interconnected, but I’m sure there will be disagreements.  That’s fine!  Welcome to America where we be of differing faiths but not kill each other over it.  So why remain divided over our differing faiths when the socialist thugs in power are goose stepping over everyone’s rights?

Pagans who are concerned about the vitality of our country both in it’s economic fortitude and the securing of the Constitution need to reach out to Christians and Jews with an open hand and an olive branch.  So to should Christians and Jews reach out to pagans in order to form a better, more solid union within our country.  Us pagans aren’t going away and a lot of us swing Libertarian and we are fiercely patriotic about our country.  We can and will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to protect this country.  Are you willing to do the same?

Of Cowardice, the Liberal Mindset

I have never been one to believe that Liberals are brave souls, but rather that they are indeed a bunch of cowards.  From their constant yelling down anyone who disagrees with them to calling their opponents ‘racists’, ‘homophobes’ and whatever other argumentum ad hominems they have for those who have contradictory views points to a coward mindset.  Why else would you not engage in civil discussion if they were truly tolerant and weren’t a coward?  How does that make them cowardly, you might ask?  Well, it’s simple, any logical counter argument against what they’ve held near and dear might make them actually think and thinking is scary to your run-of-the-mill Liberal.  Within that process of thinking are the seeds of doubt and once doubt sets in their future self might not be a Liberal anymore.  To be honest, that is frightening, who wants to be a crass, backwards thinking Neanderthal?  That, however, is what the Liberal elite breast feeds to their brethren in order to scare them into complacency.

However, this is not the only area in which Liberals show their cowardice.  In their endeavor to not offend anyone, unless it’s Christians then it’s all out war, they employ politically correct (modern Newspeak) terms to convey something that can be easily said in simple terms.  For exmaple, “A white American man of Italian descent who is a bit slow wants to become a woman.” becomes “An Italian-American male who is mentally challenged suffering from gender dysphoria wants gender reorientation surgery.”  The politically correct statement becomes ridiculously wordy in order to NOT offend a person.  But when it comes to Christians, as I’ve touched on earlier, it’s okay to offend them with horrid art that requires urinating or defecating on religious icons.  That’s fine!  However, you will NEVER see them offend Muslims in any way.  Another example is more anecdotal considering it’s a conversation I overheard at work.  One journalist was exclaiming how awesome it would be to see a fight between Thor and Jesus with Jesus being beaten down.  Now, I being of Asatru faith would probably agree, but why would a God fight a demi-god is beyond me.  Besides, Thor is not an asshole.  But I digress!  Why did it have to be Jesus? Why not Mohammed?  Why not Lord Buddha?  Why not Ganesh?  Because those would elicit that, within the Liberal circle, he was being intolerant and insensitive to the more ‘downtrodden’ religions.  I would be inclined to agree if it weren’t for the obvious, malicious bias and anti-Christian hate emanating from the two Liberal participants in the conversation.  In short, they were being cowards by using a religion which has no teeth in our society and no protection from criticism, like everything should have in a more reasonable society.  Liberals pick on Christianity because they are cowards whether due to fear from reprisals from Muslims or being called out by their Liberal peers.

Liberals may fool people with their faux moral compass, but to someone who has been on the Left and seen the venom and hate that comes from this portion of the political spectrum it is by far a smoke and mirrors game for them.  This is not to say that the Right doesn’t have it’s pitiful, hateful minions, but Liberals are more apt to pass themselves off as ‘compassionate’ and ‘tolerant’  when in fact they aren’t.  The Right side of the spectrum tends to be a bit more truthful in this respect.  If the demi-god status of Ayn Rand doesn’t reflect this then the viewer must be blind as a bat or in absolute denial.  Liberals will either pick fights they can’t win and scream at you with a volley of epithets or damn you with being a ‘racist’, ‘homophobic, ‘islamophobe’ backwards, intolerant Neanderthal.  When logic enters the discussion this is their ticket out of admitting that a Conservative may have a point.  They shrivel into their cowardly shells and admit nothing.  The best any opponent can do is simply be kind.  Don’t react with anger and hate, but with kindness.  And some logic.

New Jersey, Vote NO on Question 2

Question 2 is the Amendment to raise the minimum wage. The following info graphic explains why raising the minimum wage would be bad for the economy. So download print and/or email it to other New Jerseyians.


Racial Hypocrisy in America

In America, we have a race problem that is exasperated by mostly the Progressive elite in the halls of government.  The Progressives allow Black nationalism and other minority racial nationalism to proliferate our society, but a white nationalist is condemned for the same exact words the Black Nationalist utter.  Now, I’m not a big fan of ANY racial nationalism, but I’m also very impartial to hypocrisy.  I believe, in the name of fairness, that if you are to condemn white nationalism that you have to condemn black nationalism, Hispanic nationalism, and whatever other crazy racial nationalism is out there.  How can you try and suppress one racial nationalism while applauding the other?  Empowerment?  This is not empowerment especially when it trains the persons mind to be an intolerant fool.  You empower via ignorance and hatred.  You can ONLY empower a person via love and understanding.  The Progressives are the main culprit in allowing this plague of minority based racial nationalism to spread culminating in racist attacks against whites and against other minority races.  They tend to the entitlement and victim mentality they have successfully instilled in the minds of minorities that they deserve to vent their frustration in the form of violence.  However, they won’t admit it outright it’s their silence on the matter of black on white hate crimes that betray their thoughts on the matter.

While we’re on the issue of empowerment.  I believe empowering people is a good thing and the black community definitely needs it.  Why should they settle for getting into a profession that is a stereotype such as basketball player, rapper and whatever else?  Why can’t they be engineers, lawyers, doctors, scientists and astronauts?  However, no one, not even the President, has done a great job empowering the black community to be MORE than a damn stereotype!  The fact is they have ability to be more than an entertainer and a sports star.  They CAN be scientists, doctors and anything that they truly love.  So where’s the vociferous empowering by our political leaders who supposedly care about the black community?  The problem is the Progressives DON’T care about the person, but about the vote they will squeeze out of that person.  The Progressives can tell a lie like, “You’re oppressed and we will help you rise up out of the depths of poverty!”, the black community will accept it and nothing will happen.  And when it doesn’t happen the Progressives will blame the Conservatives and promise that if they are re-elected they’ll fight harder.  A vicious circle is spun like a web to capture the downtrodden into false hope.  Blacks need true empowerment that is free of Progressive selfishness and racialist garbage that the New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam try to perpetuate.  Conservatives freed blacks back in the 1860’s, desegregated schools in the 1950’s and now the Conservatives need to empower the black community with true hope.

I’ve already mentioned a few times something about stereotypes.  Racial stereotypes are presented for ALL races everyday. Sports teams such as the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins offer racial stereotypes as their logo, but I see more people complaining about the Washington Redskins than about the Minnesota Vikings.  Why is that?  Why aren’t both considered foul?  Why do people pick and choose what is an offensive stereotype?  I’m of both Scandinavian and American Indian descent and neither bother me the slightest.  Perhaps, it’s because my skin is so thin as to allow silly logos get the best of my emotions.  Any stereotyping of blacks in shows and movies are shunned while the stereotyping of whites is accepted and even applauded.  Same goes for jokes where jokes about white people are funny while jokes about blacks are considered racist and insensitive.  This all amounts to nothing more than hypocrisy.  We either tolerate both or none, not have this idea that one is okay while the other is evil.  It simply isn’t, as the Progressives pound into our skulls daily about, fair.

Perhaps the most nefarious of all racial hypocrisies are the crime based ones.  When Trayvon Martin was murdered by wannabe cop George Zimmerman we were assaulted daily by this crime.  At first George was stated as a “white man” but despite the correction that he’s half Hispanic the worm of him being white was already wiggling into the ears of black America.  When George Zimmerman was acquitted news about black on white attacks in retribution for Trayvon Martin was under-reported.  Also what was under-reported by the mainstream media was the murder of a Autumn Pasquale in NJ by two black kids.  Of course, every excuse in the book was given as to why these two black youths would kill this girl from their upbringing to having special needs.  What’s different is that the trial for Autumn Pasquales murderers was brief with one of the kids getting 17 years in prison with 14 years for good behavior.  Where are the retribution attacks on blacks by whites for a verdict that should have been life?  There were none and there will be none.  Instead, the only retribution was a park being renamed after Autumn.

The acknowledgment of racism from minorities towards white is met by the most ridiculous belief, that Progressives hold as a counter argument, that because minorities aren’t part of the power structure it’s impossible for minorities to be racist. However, when it comes to minorities they have MORE power these days than whites.  A minority can yell epithets at a white person and no sympathy for the victim(s) are given, but a white person utters a racial epithet to any minority and calls for blood are howled to the moon.  Lets not forget Affirmative Action, where quotas for company hiring based on race not skills, and threats of race based lawsuits for small “infractions” by whites such as giving orders to a minority employee and them not following said order only to be fired afterwards which then results in a lawsuit based on anecdotal evidence that the firing was based on race.  To say minorities don’t have power these days is false and the Progressives only use this excuse that minorities have no power as a way to veil their hypocrisy concerning racism.

Race is such a big divider in this country when it shouldn’t be, but Progressives allow it to happen while preaching about equality and tolerance.  I can’t fault the minority for believing it’s okay to be a racist thug when they have their masters nudging them along saying it’s a good thing.  The Progressives don’t care about minorities and their lives, but rather keeping them enslaved so as to vote for the Progressives each year.  Minorities have more to offer this country than simply votes.  They can contribute to our culture, to science and to our society greatly.  What holds them down are the Progressives and it will be the minorities who will need to cast the chains of Progressive oppression off their shoulders.

The Blunder Games


Snapshot of the Trouble Plagued Website

Since October 1st, the staple of the Obama Administration and perhaps only victory has been less than successful.  The rollout has been plagued with many technical difficulties that it should be simply replaced with a sign saying, “Sorry, we’re experiencing technical difficulties.  Please stay tuned!”  However, despite the multitude of problems the Obama Administration is still saying ObamaCare is a good product.  How can that be when the website isn’t even entirely operational?  You can’t get a website that has been in the making since March of 2010 up and running, how do you expect to be the handler of peoples health insurance?  I’m sorry, but the Obama Administration either planned this debacle in order to make way for a single-payer health care system or they are the biggest bunch of dolts the world has ever seen, from Obama down to Sebelius.  What’s even more ridiculous is the fact that Obama has stated that NO ONE will be fired over this extreme waste of taxpayers money! I mean nevermind the other stuff that has come out about this website and who made it, CGI a Canadian company that has a track record of messing up, but the enormous waste that this website poses is something that should outrage taxpayers.  This is your money at work and the problem is that it is NOT working!  It is so messed up that even the DEMOCRATS are agreeing that the forced individual mandate should be delayed.  That’s pretty big if the Democrats are even saying, “Hey since the website is messed up we should delay the individual mandate.”  Maybe they aren’t so stupid after all.

Perhaps the worst aspect of this whole blunder is that people, who were told by Obama that they could keep their current plans, are losing their plans at a rate that outpaces people who  sign up for ObamaCare.  This is despicable and should be shunned by the Liberals because we all know how much they hated it when Bush lied, but so far the cries of foul have been minimum in comparison to the cacophonous cries of foul when Bush Lied.  I guess when you have one of your own in power the standards at which a leader leads and what they state can be shrugged off.  Point is Obama lied about his policy and now people who HAD health insurance are now losing it because of ObamaCare and this is unfair to those who had it.  Should we blame the insurance companies?  Partially, but the majority of the blame lies on Obamas shoulders.  This is HIS pet project and is HIS achievement, so he needs to own up to this blunder.  People are now suffering because of his plan.  

Is this the Hope and Change that Liberals wanted?  If so, you’re pretty damn sick and twisted, but if not then you need to hold your President Obama accountable for his mistakes.  You need to prove that you Liberals aren’t the sick and twisted type who bow down to Obamas feet repeating in your mind, “The Messiah makes no mistakes!” while making excuses for his screw ups.  Make him own his mistakes and then maybe we can take you seriously again.  This Affordable Care Act is the biggest blunder since the Patriot Act and is about to surpass it in it’s ridiculousness.  If Obama doesn’t own it and the Liberals don’t eat the crow handed to them then both Obama and the Liberals lose ALL credibility or what credibility they had left.  These Blunder Games need to end and soon because the cost on the American People for generations is far too great, both physically and financially.

During Societal Breakdown Avoid The Following People

Some really good advice to consider.


When societal breakdowns occur; it is important to avoid the following people if you want to survive. Such survival situations include martial law,  tyrannical oppression, civil unrest, rioting, looting…………….well you get the idea.  So without further delay here are the people you need to avoid.

  • Anyone who says don’t bother being prepared and self reliant; the governement will take care of you no matter what happens.
  • Anyone with an entitlement mentality who thinks your stuff should be there stuff.
  • Anyone with a why should I work for what I want attitude when I can get welfare or other lifetime benefits for sitting back and doing nothing.
  • Anyone who says that there is nothing wrong with shredding the Constitution.
  • Anyone who supports disarming law abiding citizen’s.
  • Anyone who thinks martial law should be the law of the land.
  • Anyone who thinks being a violent criminal is okay and believes if I…

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Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,


This country was built by men and women with the intestinal fortitude comprised of titanium and carbon fiber (aka very very strong) that you do no possess the slightest bit.  In order to make up for your lack of guts and bravery you’ve become a bully towards the American People.  You’re forcing us to buy your train wreck of a healthcare reform, which is VERY unAmerican.  It goes against our values as Americans, which I don’t believe your Marxist mind can appreciate.  You’re full of hatred and angst towards a country that has given you the chance to lead. Now you’re bullying us into your agenda, reshaping our society to something YOU want while ignoring the People and their will.  You aren’t a leader of anyone or anything.  You’re just a tyrant.

However, I must applaud, in the spirit of sarcasm of course, for dividing Americans based on race and socio-economic status (aka class).  No President prior to your ascendency can EVER claim this “achievement” because it is solely yours to claim.  You’ve done nothing to unite the People for the Restoration of American Pride.  Instead, you’ve created racial tension among blacks, whites and hispanics and antagonism towards the rich just for simply being rich.  Well, only those rich folk who disagree with you anyways because the rich who kiss your buttocks get a free pass from you.  I doubt you would ever require Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, Al Sharpton et al.  to ever fork over “their fair share” as you expect from those who disagree with you.  And YOU have the audacity to spit on capitalism when it has been that very capitalism you so despise that:

  1. allows you to live lavishly like Nero in the Golden Palace,
  2. for your wealthy supporters to keep throwing money into your machine of demagoguery,
  3. and for you to play golf on parcels of land while we, your serfs, live from paycheck to paycheck.

You can thank Capitalism for ALL of that.  You can keep up the act of pretending to be one of us, but you aren’t.  You’re one of the 1% who think they can bend the laws of psychics and reality to their whim.  You have a God-complex that even the Gods don’t have.  A lot of us see through the ruse and are becoming increasingly tired of the lies and the BS you keep pulling out of your hat as if it were some magical cute rabbit.  It isn’t.  It’s loathsome and insults the intelligence of ALL Americans.  Seriously, you should be ashamed of yourself.

The Hope and Change you promised in 2008 that captured many American attention, including myself, has been hopeless and a change that has been for the worst.  You haven’t brought hope to a country that screamed it after 8 years of Bush.  Instead, of changing America for the better you’ve expanded on the worst aspects of the Bush era while presenting yourself as someone of “transparency” and “accountability”.  Your Administration is as transparent as a brick wall and definitely far from accountable when considering your flip on the debt limit issue and Benghazi.  And while we are on the debt limit issue let me remind you what you said about the debt limit when your were a Senator:

The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. … I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit. – March 16, 2006

So, can we officially state that your leadership is in fact a failure?  Well, a lot of us know that answer already, as I’ve already pointed out earlier.  You are a failure and as when one searched for George W. Bush on Google the word “failure” popped up as a result I believe this should be the same consequence of your Presidency that has shown a consistent ineptitude.  I mean for the love of the Gods your ONLY Victory, the Affordable Care Act, has already begun to fail.  How can you explain that?  How can you be even proud of this monstrosity?   How can the American people trust a government built and ran website that doesn’t work and then be expected to trust government ran healthcare?  They can’t and they certain;y aren’t going to anytime soon now.  The ACA should be considered a miserable failure already by your Administration because the problems will only grow.  You might even gain more credibility by admitting defeat especially with your approval rating being on par with Bush towards the end of his Administration.  However, you have no guts to do so.  No one expects you to grow a set of guts anytime soon.  So, with that we’ll simply keep pointing out the failure of your policies for you since you won’t take the initiative.

In conclusion, when I voted for you in 2008 with naive zeal that you could bring this country out the rut it was placed in I was elated when you won.  I thought, “Man, this is history I’m witness and things will change!”  Well, I’ll give you this, things did change, but definitely not for the best.  It’s a really frustrating and agonizing 5 years to deal with.  I gave you two years to get things fixed, but nothing of the sort happened, so I gave you another two years.  Nope, still nothing and that is the reason why I swung more right landing me smack dab in the Centrist position of politics.  I even voted for a Republican for the very first time in last years Presidential Election.  Yup, Mitt Romney got my vote. I thought it was time for a change and to get someone who probably knows what they’re doing while being a real leader.  So come 2014, I’ll make sure that NO Democrat will get my vote.  Even the GOP is no better, but it certainly would be better than voting blatantly socialist Democrats who want nothing more than to destroy this country.  I’m done with the Democrats and with Leftism in general.  Thanks for the rude awakening that I definitely needed to clear the cobwebs of socialist thought that veiled my vision earlier in my adulthood.  Thank you, Mr. President.

The Non-PC Heathen

A Question for Robert Menendez Answered

Just today I had sent an email to the Office of NJ Senator Robert Menendez regarding the issue if members of Congress are willing to enroll via the marketplace they expect us Americans to participate in and this is the response I received:

Dear Mr. ###########:

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Your opinion is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you on this vital issue.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148) establishes, for the first time, a competitive and transparent marketplace where individuals and small-groups are able to purchase quality, affordable health insurance.  For employers with more than 100 employees, who have large-group or self-insured policies, these newly created marketplaces will not affect their insurance plans.  As such, the only changes this law makes to these plans are increased consumer protections, such as prohibiting coverage denials because of a pre-existing condition and outlawing annual or lifetime limits on benefits.

The law does, however, require that members of Congress and their staff purchase health insurance through the new health insurance marketplaces rather than continue participating in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan. The federal government is our nation’s largest employer and just like other employers in this country that offer health insurance it provides a contribution to cover a portion of its employees’ insurance costs.  The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently announced regulations that will allow the government to continue paying the employer portion of Congressional employees’ premiums.  This regulation maintains the employer-employee relationship used by employers across the country, without altering the requirement that these employees’ obtain their insurance in the newly created marketplaces.  Again, I can assure you that I, along with my office staff, will be purchasing our health insurance through the new insurance marketplaces when they open in 2014.

Thank you for your support and for sharing your thoughts with me.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be or more assistance.  I invite you to visit my website ( to learn more about how I am standing up for New Jersey families in the United States Senate.

Whether or not this can be trusted is to be seen in the near future, which is January 2014 to be exact.  I’ve also sent an email to Representative Rob Andrews of NJ the same question, but still awaiting a response.  I will post his response, if it comes, as well.  So, keep your eyes open and be vigilant of your Senators and Representatives that they fulfill their promise of enrolling on the ObamaCare Program.  Remember, if it’s good for us then it’s good for them.

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