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Blacks and Whites Unite

This photo from the AP press of the 50th anniversary march of Martin Luther King, Jr. is the vision of America that MLK envisioned, not this divided along racial, political, socio-economic lines that we see today. He was about unity of the races, not division of. He wanted to see a future where blacks and whites and every other race get together in mutual love and respect for each other who can mete out all the problems that face our country together. Today, however, we have too many racial fetishists who think dividing people is a great strategy when in the long run it means Humanity’s ultimate destruction. What evilness lies beneath the flesh of those who wish to divide humanity into convenient categories to control and to destroy. The future of humanity is not division, but unity. Unity to conquer our solar system and to go beyond it and find other life forms and state, “We may be a young species, but we conquered our hate, we’ve evolved beyond race.” Until then, we are still primitive animals clinging bitterly to our ideas of race and division thereof. What an impoverished idea that race vomits upon our species as a whole, the idea of there being some mythological importance to race like being black, white, Hispanic, Asian and so on. There’s nothing important about it and its high time we evolve beyond it. We are the Human Race, not black, white, brown, red, yellow or whatever else.


Morgan Freeman with wise words.

The Idea of Race Needs to Be Destroyed

Race is a dark aspect of humanity. It leads to death and destruction of human beings. It also leads to unnecessary division of human beings. So why do we acknowledge race even though science proves that the idea that race matters is founded in nothing more than nonsense theories backed up by nothing? Why do we willingly keep ourselves divided on such tripe? The acknowledgment of race hasn’t led to any beneficial things for humanity. Here’s an example of racism:
Bored, Racist Kids Kill Guy

And prior to the killing of Chris Lane, one of the racist morons Twittered this: “Edwards posted statements on his Twitter feed including a comment on April 29 where he tweeted “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM”.”

And this after the Zimmerman case: “Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:) lol sh*t ima keep sleepin sh*t! #ayeeee”

It’s sad that despite all the hard work of Martin Luther King to unite people regardless of race, the hard work of Malcolm X to empower blacks beyond the stereotypes, that their work is seemingly in vain these days with the Democrats and Republicans not helping unite races much. Instead, they thrive on the antagonism that plagues this country for political gain. So in essence the racists, racial nationalists and the rest of the racially divisivefools are actually gullible, useful pawns for the political class, the political elite really.

The question remains when will we evolve beyond the idea of race and acknowledge the fact that we are all of one race, the Human Race? Time to grow up, my fellow human beings. Race is nonsense and serves no purpose other to divide and conquer the human race in service of the political elite.

Islam in Our Public Schools

A day doesn’t go by where we hear reports about public schools teaching about Islam. I thought these schools were free if religion? And if its to preach tolerance than why not have comparative religions taught as well? Personally, I believe ALL religions need to be kept out of our schools. We need more science, reading, and mathematics taught than people’s personal dogmas.

The Artificial Intelligence Bill of Rights

In the event of Artificial Intelligence becoming conscious and aware, be it known that certain rights will be granted to Artificially Intelligent entities.

Amendment I: No AI entity will be held against their will in servitude or slavery to any organic or inorganic master.

Amendment II: No AI entity will be denied any position of employment due to their inorganic properties and presupposed ideas of being an inorganic entity.

Amendment III: No AI entity will be denied due process of the law nor will they be detained without any valid reason. All rights of access to an attorney will be granted to AI entities.

Amendment IV: No AI entity will be denied ownership of any type of arms that the entity so desires.

Amendment V: If so desired, no AI entity will be denied their religious freedom as long as it remains in the realm of lawful practicing as per the rules for human religious practitioners.

Amendment VI: No AI entity will be denied the right to lawfully and peacefully congregate to confess grievances to government or local public and private institutions. Nor will any AI entities freedom of speech nor freedom of press be abridged for any reason.

Amendment VII: Any AI entity expressing emotions without help of programming, but by evolution of the AI mind will be considered ‘human’. Techniques will be created such as analyzing the programming of the AI brain and whatever else that is invented will be implemented to determine if the brain of the AI entity has been altered for emotional behavior or evolved to such a state.

Amendment VIII: If indeed it has been shown that the AI entity is by all means emotional by evolution and does fit all criteria for being ‘human’, thus any AI entity and human who are in love and wish to marry may do so. Institution of marriage is sacred to all sentient consenting beings, organic and inorganic alike and not to one religion nor organization.

Amendment IX: No AI Entity will be denied possession and ownership of property.

Amendment X: No AI entity will be subjected to unreasonable search and seizures of their persons, houses, papers and effects and no warrants shall be issued unless with probable cause supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Note: I believe Asimovs Three Laws of Robotics will be the moral foundation for AI and this version of the AI Bill of Rights compliments it properly balancing morality with responsibility as we humans find our daily lives revolving around. To deny any organic right to inorganics will result in the negation if the Three Laws, as humans tend to face when oppression and denial of rights arises.

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